This is it, okay?

For TFIOS Competition :D


1. Fault


As I walk down the corridor, no more hair to hide my face, I can feel the stares. I can smell the confusion, the pity, the hate, and whatever else everyone now feels towards me. What’s so different? That I’m bald? That they can see my teary eyes? That I’m now noticeable among the crowd, in which I was blend-able before?
Maybe. Maybe that’s it.
As I reach my locker and forcefully punch in the pin, tugging the locker open, I can sense a million eyes searching for the final straw, searching for the look on my face that reads ‘yes I have cancer’. But I’m not going to give them that.
As I shove my pe kit into the locker and slam the door shut, I make my way down the corridor once more. I even manage a half-hearted smile at the guy who gaped at me on my way in, and he soon shuts his mouth.
I’m about to reach my form room, only a few feet away, when a hand grabs my shoulder. I turn around to see my best friend Hayley. Her eyes are glued on me like the rest of them and she pulls me to the side.
“What are you doing here?” she asks, confused at my show of appearance.
“Going to school.” I reply, deadpan.
“Like that?”
I hesitate, before narrowing my eyes at her and immediately walking off. Unfortunately, she grabs my shirt and I come swinging back.
“I didn’t mean it like that, Cassie. I really didn’t. I just thought that maybe you’d stay home after the holidays and not face school again this term.”
I sigh. “I know, but I’m trying to be normal here and you’re not exactly helping.”
“You are normal.” She smiles at me.
I shrug, wishing she were right, and head into form.
Once I’m sat down next to Hayley, I feel a lot better. Suddenly, I don’t notice anyone else because I’m too deep into conversation with the only person that matters right now: my best friend.
“…and so you’re invited too. It’s going to be great!”
“I don’t know…” Hayley is convincing me to join her on a social outing again. This time it involves going to the cinema with a gang of people from our school to watch The Fault in our Stars. Although I try to forget it, my illness always brings me down from saying yes.
“Look, who cares what they think!” she sighs, “It’s The Fault in our Stars and we’re not going to miss it for anything.”
I hover on her word for a moment.
“Think of it as educational if you must!” She adds.
I laugh. “Yeah right, just because the main character is somewhat like me.”
“You’ll like it, okay?” she insists.
I smile. “Okay.”

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