Trouble with curls

When maddie meets Harry her life flips up side down. She founds out a secret about him but it's no normall secret it's a dark one. What will Maddie do?


1. I love you

Sorry guys but this story is my first one so sorry if it isn't good. Please comment below how I could improve thank you

Hi I'm Maddie. I've never fallen in love before. I try but I just can't. I can't say three easy words I love you. I lie to my friends saying I'm going out with someone and make up a random name. I only do it because it seems everyone is in love or in a relationship and then there's me.

I'm friends with everyone Evan boys. But there's this one boy called Harry that I'm super close to and we get along great with. He's like family to me. We look after each other.

*monday morning*

I woke up by my phone vibrating. I picked it up and saw the text from Harry saying time to get up for school I'll be there in half an hour xx

Aww he's so sweet. I got out if bed brushed my teeth and my hair. Then I picked random clothes out and through them on. Then my phone vibrated again it was Harry saying he was outside. Today was going to be the best day ever with the sun out YAY. I ran out and got in. We setted of for school.

We got at school and ran to see everyone. Then the bell rang and we all went to our classes.

Oh I've got science. But at least it get to sit next to Lucy I thought. Then I had pe yay we were doing gymnastics.

Lunch came quick and we had a massive water fight and were sent up to the principles office. That gonna be fun we all thought. But oh well we were in there at least once a week. We knocked on the door and walked in. He had a big go at us and he said to go home. We walked out and burst into laughter.

Me and Harry went home. As I got to the door Harry said "I've been meaning to say this for a while..."he took a deep breath " I love you Maddie" omg what do I say. I guess I love him to. Omg for the first time I love someone it's amazing. " I love you to harry"

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