Frozen!!! (an ending)

This is an alternate ending to frozen. It made my friend want to kill me, ENJOY



The door shut and Anna tried to reach the door but another cold rush ran through her body and another strip of her hair turned white. She heard a banding on the window and could turn her head just enough to see Olaf at the window, she tried to call out his name but no sound came out. He opened the window and Anna thought that maybe she would be saved. Olaf smiled. He waved and laughed.

“Oh Anna, didn’t Hans save you?”

“O-Olaf, he’s e-evil, we have t-to stop him.” Anna stumbled over her words as another rush of cold shot through her body.

“That would be silly Anna, why would I want to ruin a plan I helped create.” Anna was shocked into silence as she watched Olaf re-open the window and pull the golden edge to shut it behind him. He waved and there was something about him Anna didn’t notice before. A strange, sinister quality.

Anna lay there unable to get warm and unable to reach the box of matches the lay mere meters from her. Another rush of cold ran through her and she felt her heart go cold. Slowly she lost all feeling in her body, she took one last breath and then her mind went blank. She was ice, frozen. She lay on the floor.

“ANNA, ANNA.” Kristoff was at the window yelling to Anna but she couldn’t hear him, she was gone. He broke the window open and ran to Anna’s frozen body. “Anna, Anna, please, don’t be gone please, I need you.” Tears started to drip down Kristoff’s cheeks started landing onto Anna. He begged her to wake up but she couldn’t.

As Kristoff sat there crying she started to melt. He hope, for a minute, she was coming back but she wasn’t. He sat and watched until the girl he had grown to love was simply a puddle in the floor mixing with his tears. He sat until he heard someone coming back. He went back through the window but watched. He watch as Hans, the one who was meant to save her smiles at the puddle that was once Anna. Kristoff watched him smile then force tears as others walk in.

“Elsa, killed her own sister.” Hans said sounding convincingly sad, “She can’t get away with this, I sentence her to treason, and to,” Hans smiled but Kristoff was the only one to notice “Death.”

Hans left the room walking down to the cell where Elsa was. “Hello Elsa,” he said an evil smile on his face and drawing his sword “You sister is dead, now you will join her and I, will be called upon to rule Erindale.”

“Hans, you don’t have to do this, I will leave and you can rule, please.” Elsa pleaded for her life but Hans ignored her word bringing his sword up and then ending Elsa’s life. He sheathed his sword and made his way back towards the throne room where he would take the place he had been seeking for so long, the place he saw as his, King. 

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