Sometimes when the universe doesn't sort something out you just have to do it yourself


1. Correcting an injustice

I sat at my desk with the ripped and cut school photos in front of me, I hadn’t meant to cut them all but the longer I sat there imagining killing the people that had made my life horrible of the past eight year the more I wanted to do it.

I opened the knife and stabbed the photos of all the people think of all the things they’d done wrong to me through-out primary school. I had only meant to stab a few of the photos but I soon found that I hated every single one of these people and I ended up with a horrid mess of paper in front of me with bit of faces and school uniform on them and only one picture left untouched, that one I kept, it was not because the person in it had treated me any better and stuck up for me, not one of them had, It was because cutting up a picture was not enough to satisfy my thirst for justice or my hatred.

So I got up from my desk and walked outside into the dark and cold night. The point of the knife was poking into my arm as I held it up my sleeve so it wouldn’t be seen by passes-by. I felt a slow stream of blood drip down my arm and pool in my hand from to point where the tip had punctured my arm, right next to the burn mark from the night of the school concert. Thinking of that night made the hatred boil in the pit of my stomach because that was his fault to, he had just won an award and went he went to sit down he pushed me onto the smoke machine and my arm had made contact and been burnt.

When I got to his house I had to pick the lock which required both hands so I put the knife down beside me and started to move the two lock-picks for ten minutes before I heard the click then signalled that his death was near. I stood up, took a deep breath and walked through the door and through his house, some instinct drove me to the room where he slept. I looked at his chest rise and fall and the small vain in his neck pulse. I savoured the moment when I knew I was about to end his life and there was nothing he could do to stop it. I started to feel light headed due to the loss of blood from my arm so I did what I went to do. I put a pillow over his face so he couldn’t scream and I plunged to blade in to his chest, it was quite a hard job to do because of thick mussel he had covering his heart but eventually I felt the tip pierce his soft heart and saw the vain in his neck stop pulsing and his chest stopped rising under my hands in those five minutes I had taken his life and in five more minutes he would be beyond help.

I finally felt that justice had been served, the universe hadn’t sorted it out so I had, I heard his mother coming towards us, me and the corps, so I went out the window and waited for the police to come and take me away.


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