He's dead, she's dead

This is a story about vampires. the teenage years seem to last forever, and sometimes they do.


1. the vampire boy


This is a vampire story, it has vampires in it. 

I’m one of the youngest vampires in centres, or so I’ve been told. The vampire counsel allows me to go to school and live a human life but once every year or two I have to move so people don’t realise that I don’t change. But here, I want to stay forever, I have friends and finally feel I fit in somewhere. I think part of the reason is that there is another vampire at my school. He is pretending to be 13 the same as me. I actually was thirteen when I was changed.

I’ve only spoken to him once, just to say hi as we passed each other, because if he is from a different counsel us being friends could start a war. Until I can find out I stay with my other friends, they are all girls, like me, except human, well one defiantly is but the other isn’t a vampire but also not human.

Every minute I spent in the company of humans is torture but it makes me feel almost normal in a world where I am a monster, and parents tell their children I’m not real so as not to scare them, where people once hunted my kind until we became a thing of fairy tales and horror movies.

A humans attitude towards us changes when each author tries to depict how we act, look, think and feel, but no human could truly capture the way I feel without being a mind reader. No human has ever written the truth about how our strengths work and how we, feed, but they do get one thing right, the almost uncontrollable thirst that can drive us insane that makes school ever harder than just school work, fitting in and just trying to act human.

Because I was changed into this fifty three years ago I cannot remember anything about being a human teenager or what being a human was like at all. On the nights I don’t hunt I read books and diaries that I ‘borrow’.

Most of them say things about having a crush on a person and not having the courage to talk to them, stuff even as I human I didn’t understand. I may not be human but I can read amongst the best of them and understand every word. One of the girls whose diary I read was older than I’m pretending to be, she’s fifteen and in year ten. She describes being in love with a boy in her year who she thinks doesn’t notice her and only talks to his friends, she talks about wanting more than anything to talk to him but believing he would just laugh and she thinks he couldn’t care less about her. It makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I’ve been on this earth for sixty six years and I’ve never felt like that, I’ve never felt I can’t leave anyone. Is it the fact that my heart doesn’t beat or maybe I just can’t love someone when deep down I know I can’t stay with anyone longer than a few years. I still wish I could feel some affection towards someone rather than feeling like an empty shell, emotionless and alone for the rest of eternity. Never to find love and, especially, never to be normal.

I know today will be just like any other so I change clothes and catch the bus. Although walking there would not tire me at all it is considered normal to catch the bus from the distance at which I live.

The bus ride is not fun but I’m used to being alone with my thoughts.

When I arrive at school I catch up with Ashley, my friend that is not vampire nor human but a different species entirely. It makes me wonder if that’s why I fit in, me and Ashley are friends and this other vampire boy that I must find out about. My first class of the day is maths where I sit next to Ashley and wiz through the answers. After all my maths lessons over the years anyone would be good.

After maths we go outside, I don’t keep track of the time but I spend most of the time watching the vampire boy and thinking about my next meeting with the counsel and ask about him. To the best of my recollection I have to meet with them tomorrow as I do on the fifth of every month, I think it’s a way of showing me I’m not free of them and that it’s their decision weather I’m here or not.

As we walk up the stairs to class I ask Ashley what the date is, I can remember people, places and procedures but the date never seems to stay in my head. Ashley confirms it is the forth and, without knowing, that tomorrow I must meet with the counsel. This is the first meeting I’m actually looking forward to as it will give me a chance to ask about the vampire boy.

When we get back to class we have to get changed for PE. This is the subject I must be most careful in, I’ve got extra strength and speed that I need for hunting and I never get tired or out of breath. Every lesson I try my best to appear mediocre. Never the best, never the worst. Today is a test called the beep test, you have to run from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ as fast as you can and the time limit gets shorter. Every time we do this I make sure to get out somewhere in the middle. When we all get out we play basketball. Me, Ashley and Isabella are, as usual, on the same team. No one really keeps score but I can tell our team wins easily.

So far today has been usual except we have no homework because we had the beep test for PE and I finish the maths in class.

After basketball we eat lunch where I do eat human food and again just stare at the vampire boy wondering how to confront the counsel about him. When my thoughts get back to the present I realise that he is staring back at me. I quickly flick my eyes away and pretend to be interested in whatever it is that Ashley and Isabella are talking about, I think it might be a book they’ve both read. I can’t help wondering why he was looking at me. Does me to crave the company of another young vampire or was it just a coincidence that he made eye contact. I decide on the second one and put it out of my mind before we get back to class ready for English, as a human I was never good at English but with the amount of practice I’ve had anyone would be good.

In English I always sit next to Tom, he’s a boy my age. I think he sits next to me to copy my answers but he’s nice enough and I think he honestly enjoys my company which is a nice change for me.

The comprehension we do has been part of the curriculum for six years so I’ve done it three or four times and can do it without thinking, leaving my mind free to wander and I find myself thinking about the vampire boy in the class next to mine. The two class rooms are so similar I’ve almost walked in to the wrong one many times.

With the comprehension done I’m free to continue the story that is due the day after tomorrow, I won’t be here tomorrow, everyone believes I’m at the doctors for a rare heart condition when in reality I am meeting with the counsel and I plan to ask about the boy here and if I must continue to visit once a month, I ask this every time but they always insist I continue visiting monthly, they say it’s for me, to make sure I’m still ‘OK’ with being around humans, but I know it’s their way of showing me I can’t escape their iron grasp.

After school I wait by the gate for Ashley and catch the bus with her, I wish I could ask her what she is bit I’m pretty sure that’s rude.

All night I write my story for English and by three in the morning it’s pretty good, again from the years of practice and long nights I’ve spent reading.

At four I start toward the train station and take the train to the city then another one to the hills where the counsel building is hidden. For me it’s an hours run from the start of the hills where I can’t be seen to the building. One thing the counsel is very good at is being imitating, just being in their presence make you doubt your ability to argue with them, no matter how strong your motive. I, however, am used to it and see them as just a group of very odd, self-centred vampires.

So I stand there listening to their monthly lecture about being careful and, my hunting, finally they invite me to speak. I ask about the vampire boy first.

“I have found another vampire at my school and need to know if he is from this counsel or another.”

I look in the leaders eyes hopefully, he continues to wear his ‘above it all’ expression and says in a bored voice

“Tell me, child, how old does he pretend to be and how old was he when changed?”

“My name is Alexis, not child, and to the best of my knowledge he was about my age when changed and he pretends to be thirteen.”

He orders his assistant to search up the boy. The counsels all have record of all the vampires, they were once in old books but I had to convert them to computer as one of the terms for me to be able to attend school.

A few minutes later the assistant comes back and whispers in the ear of the main counsel man, it must be shocking news to change his face from superior to stunned. He looks back to me and says in a voice that is confused but still superior, “You mock me?”

Now it’s my turn to be stunned, he thinks I’m joking which is odd because I’m not one to joke and make fun of people. I take a few more moments to compose myself and reply, “B.. but I’m serious he is a vampire his scent, his eyes. Is he not signed with a counsel or at all?”

“No.” he replies trying, and failing, to hide the fear in his voice “No he is not, you must talk to him if he is, as you say, a vampire he must be registered and taught our rules.”

I just nod, the counsel dismisses me and I make the journey back to the train, city and home again. The only thing I can think about is the vampire despite my best efforts to distract myself. 

I decide that tomorrow I will confront the vampire boy and learn his name and everything about him I can before even mentioning the word vampire. Tonight I have no home work to do and nowhere to be before eight thirty so I spend the night thinking, or for a better term worrying, about tomorrow when I will confront him.

At seven thirty I get ready and catch the eight o’clock bus, at the second stop after mine I get a surprise, vampire boy steps on the bus and takes the seat next to me. It’s a few awkward minutes before he starts a conversation, his voice starts nervous and slowly becomes more confident.

“My name’s Ryan, I think we go to the same school.”

If he was anyone else I would probably say in my very common sarcastic voice something like, the uniform give it away, but I smile politely and say “I think so, I saw you there a few days ago.”

He returns my smile except I think his is much kinder “I saw you looking at me.”

I may never have been in love but I’ve read and watched enough to be ok at flirting and I decide that is the best way to go without showing my hand. I flick my eyes down, bight my lip and say, “Well, I umm….” Then look up from under my eye lashes and look deep into his eyes and still bighting my lip say, “you know.”

He smile turns from just friendly to a smile you would use when greeting an old friends or someone you are genially happy to see, not someone you’ve just met.

The rest of the way to school we make small talk and I almost find myself believing the story about his family but I truly know he is just like me, unless he has found a family in the area willing to take him in. It’s amazing how much we bond on the short trip.

Today my first lesson is art, we are doing music, this is one of the few subjects I actually enjoy and was good at as a human.

We are learning the drums, a common thing in year eight so I’m pretty good. I can do the theory with little to no trouble and I blitz the practical exam. Most of the lesson we listen to each other play on the one class drum kit waiting for our name to be called and to play in front of the class.

During recess it surprises me when Ryan seeks me out and we talk like best friends. I think it surprises my friends as well, by the looks they give me. I’ve found out so much about him. If we keep going like this it will be only days before I enquire about his counsel, or lack thereof.

After recess we have English where I have to hand up my story, most of us have to read out our stories, we do this because it helps you write when you listen to other people and read books. My story is a bit dark but so am I so it’s kind of fitting, I love listening to stories about vampires and how people my age think I am, of course the girl that wrote the vampire story writes of an incredibly beautiful pale person in a long coat, It makes me wonder why people think of us in that way, probably because of the counsels. To finish the lesson we work on our independent reading task.

After English we go out to lunch where I sit with not only Ryan but all his friends, they ask lots of questions about me and I answer honestly, mostly. Some of his friends are a bit older than me, and some are in year nine and they think it’s funny that I’m a girl and makes some remarks about me and the boy on my right keeps playing with my hair I think his name is Dylan and I try to ignore him, I’m a little taken back when Ryan shoots him a look, it only makes him do it more, I’m not too sure what it’s about, I assume it’s just a boy thing that I’ll never understand. I actually surprise myself when I’m not forcing a smile and I feel genuinely happy.

My happiness fades when we get back to class but we have German which I quite enjoy because most schools do different languages and it’s nice, with all the subjects that can get repetitive, to have something that changes. I have had German before but not in the past eight or so year, we are learning to count which is a little odd because if I went to Germany I would need to know more words than numbers but I can’t change what they teach us. Our teacher is really nice and helps everyone pounce everything correctly so we don’t look silly when we do our speech in front of the class. 

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