The feelings.

its just about that one feeling you get when you in love and your sure its the right guy until you face reality. its a hope giving journal. hope you like it let me know what you think!


1. its just one chapter...

There are just so many questions. That most likely would never be answered. I guess ill just wait and see what happens. I don't think its fair. No, i don't think, I know its not fair. life is not fair, especially when it comes to love. Love can hurt in so many ways but I've never been hurt this way its an un- explainable thing.Its worth the try though. So many memories going around and around, once,twice, and again. Going on a million of times around your head while you're still trying to get your feelings and emotions together. This unexplained feeling you get when you know hes the right guy but in reality you're just breaking the last part of your heart that's keeping it together. But hear this maybe its once in a lifetime you get this “feeling” maybe its an always thing, but look at yourself reading this, look who you have came to be all these years and you're perfectly fine. i bet you know that if you have survived these many years you can survive a few more. I mean we all have feelings right? let me try to explain this feeling. a feeling of depression a feeling of death inside. a feeling of just giving up on your some. girls take it a different way though. like they think they're not pretty enough for that guy and trust me is the worst feeling ever. I've had that feeling before, i would do anything to not get it again. your think of that person day night even sometimes in your dreams, but you know.. all i have to say to all those girls is that you're beautiful no matter what. yeah.. I  know i'm a nobody. but that's not keeping me from writing this to help. people say that you learn from your mistakes. its true, i mean i'm only 13 but I've gone through a lot of bullshit. I've always wished to go back in time and fix all the stupid stuff I've done. so i wouldn't have to grown up to now. all i can say is that your don't have to keep this feeling in you. you're not a prison, i found out a few days ago that writing is a way of opening my heart and a way of helping myself get together again. i also found that by helping my self i would be helping other people and that's important to not only think about yourself. but to think of others, maybe their life is way more miserable than yours and their feeling worse than you. i just thank God that he didn't give me something in life that i couldn't handle. things happen for a reason and everyday i think of what that reason might be. its not like it matters cause i like to live the present not the past. maybe you should try it sometime..

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