The Long Way Down

The riveting story of Melody Riddle, who lost it all in high school, and must figure out how to again be happy. KEEP TRACK OF STORY... MORE CHAPTERS WILL BE ADDED!!!


1. Prologue

I believe that the world is your playground. You might fall off the monkey bars and scrape your elbow, but you just have to get back up and try again, because if you really want to make it to the last bar on the other side, you have to keep trying. And if you just do that, you will succeed. Sure, it may take a while. You might fall countless times, and get countless band aides on your elbow, but eventually you will make it across. And you will be so proud of yourself when that happens, and you will just be so happy, and completely forget about the past. You will forget about the scrapes, and the band aides, and be proud that you made it to the present.

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