Deaths Slave

When Lauren Prior wakes up two months after her death she is confused. Things get more confusing as she realises that she may have dreamt her death. But then she is visited by a spirit and told of her objectives- now she must murder who she is bid or be tortured- but Lauren has still got her heart and she falls in love with one of her victims!


1. Waking Up

It's dark. Well no it's night time but it's not pitch black, in fact there's a full moon so it's quite bright so let me try again.. It's night time, there is no sound in this bleak room. I'm not sure what room I'm in, but it's so silent that there is a ringing in my ears. I'm lying down, but I can't feel anything except for a lonely unquenchable feeling inside my breast. My name is Lauren Prior, I am seventeen years old and two months dead!

Or so I thought. I hadn't meant to die. Well that's a stupid statement, who means to die? but what I mean is I really had no wish to die in fact I was happy! I am not the most beautiful girl in the world in my opinion anyway, I have an average size 10 body, a 36 c-cup breasts I didn't work out regularly before I died but I stayed fit enough And as I mentioned I was happy!

My hair is blonde, my eyes are hazel and I'm 5"7' I'm intelligent tho, my grades were mostly A's in classes and being 17 I was almost finished school, my last year and I'd be able to finally pursue a career as a photographer as I always wanted but them the unthinkable happened and well now until five minutes ago I was dead.

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