Just Another Girl *On Hold*

Desdemona Trive, the girl everyone avoided, has been alone all her life. Everyone judged her for her shyness and inability to communicate to people and the fact that she was rumored to kill many families when she was only a child. When a guy approaches her and makes her happy, she realizes just how different she is. (Includes some romance. Not a romance story though)
Wattpad: Just Another Girl by CheeseRus


6. Chapter Six

I'm so done with life. It's all too confusing, how can I be staring at someone I thought only existed to me? Am I the girl in my head, or is she me? I just don't understand...

I threw myself on my bed, not even bothering to put on some proper sleeping attire. I'm too tired to think about how horrible my breath would smell if I didn't brush my teeth right now. I didn't care that I'm going to stretch out my clothes by sleeping in them. I just didn't care. My eyes began to close and I didn't care to stop them. I was going to stop interfering and go with the flow. I am going to sleep without thinking about the consequences.


'It was too bright!' Was the first thing I thought when I woke up from my slumber. I looked at the sun and noticed it was 10:00. How I can tell? I would never know. I got up and noticed the disgusting taste in my mouth. Ew, gross. I got up and brushed my teeth twice, using mouth wash as well. There! Minty fresh! Hmm, I'm too late for school.. What should I do? Go to school or go on a picnic? Oh, this is hard! Just kidding, I'm going on the picnic.

I dressed in a black dress, one that flowed out at the waist down and it had a layer of lace on top of the soft clothe of the dress. It was cute, even I admit it. I put on my black high-tops and left my hair down in its naturals curls. I prepared my basket, even though I was eating for one. I made a cheese and bologna sandwich and string cheese. I put cookies inside along with two bottles of water.

"Time to go!" I screamed at nothing in particular. It's just nice to scream once in a while. I picked up my picnic basket and left my adorable little cabin. I'm not like the kids at my school, I'm not rich and I don't have parents. I love alone, despite the protests of social securities. It was five years ago, I was twelve, when I began living alone. I know, that's unbelievable. It's true! I began to work once I hit fifteen, before garbage diving was a way of living. How I survived all my life.

The wind engulfed me in a tight embrace, I couldn't breathe. There was nowhere to go, I couldn't stand. My knees gave out and I collapsed on the floor. Air. I need air. This was not wind, it was too powerful. It held me down, pushing out all the air in my lungs. It's official, I'm either the most paranoid person alive or the most fragile. Either way, I'm going to end up dead. My head spun out of control and it felt like I might burst into flames. So I did.

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