Just Another Girl *On Hold*

Desdemona Trive, the girl everyone avoided, has been alone all her life. Everyone judged her for her shyness and inability to communicate to people and the fact that she was rumored to kill many families when she was only a child. When a guy approaches her and makes her happy, she realizes just how different she is. (Includes some romance. Not a romance story though)
Wattpad: Just Another Girl by CheeseRus


1. Chapter 1 ~ The Introduction

"Freak! Go do all of us a favor and go kill yourself!" The scary old religious lady screamed at me. She waved her wooden cane accusingly at me. Why was she yelling at me? Did I do something bad? I grabbed Daddy's hand, tugging on it. He looked down at me in shame.

"Daddy. Why are they being mean? Did I do something bad?" I pouted, letting the tears fall. We where in Church, since it was Sunday. Mommy and Daddy says we must go to church every Sunday so God will forgive our sins. I don't really understand, but I wanted to make Mommy and Daddy very happy.

"No, they are just grumpy since you are different than them." He said. But I don't get it, I'm just like them.

"B-but.. Why?" I sniffed, wiping my nose with my sleeve. Mommy put her hand on my shoulder, and made me turn around to face her. She smiled softly at me.

"Because you are a princess." She poked my nose, "and they are jealous because they are not." She pinched my cheek. I smiled at my pretty mommy. I want to be just like her when I'm older. Daddy kneeled down to me too, next to Mommy. He smiled and took mine and Mommy's hands in his own.

"Let's go home, yeah?" He whispered. I nodded and Mommy agreed.




"Go kill yourself already!"




"Sinner! The Lord will have your head!"

They all shouted at me, throwing rocks. Why don't they like me? I started to cry again, they scared me. Ouch! A big rock hit the back of my head. I dropped to the ground and started to throw a tantrum. Daddy groaned and Mommy sighed.

"Don't listen to the Villians. Remember what happened to Cinderella?" Mommy picked me up. I stared at her blankly.

"I am no princess. How dare you lie to me!" I shouted. My voice sounded scary, but I couldn't stop it. My head started to hurt and my mommy dropped me in pain. Flames surrounded me and I didn't feel it. "MOMMY! DADDY! Make it stop!" I yelped. I'm so scared. My little arms rose on their own, and pointed at my mommy. She gasped in pain and erupted in flames. Daddy ran up to her with a fire extinguisher. Mommy.. I did something bad.

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