This is the story of Jay, the most popular and handsome kid in school. When he is diagnosed with cancer, everything seems to go dark but when a beam of light called Sarah appears, he feels as if everything has changed.


1. Moment number 1.

"You are really beautiful." I look across the room and practice the line over and over again. The person who will hopefully hear me recite the line is Molly Edwards. Possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She stands next to her sister, so perfectly, laughing occasionally, her long blonde hair brushing against her gently rouged cheeks. I stand up. Take a deep breath...and walk out the door. 

I have a retroperitoneal sarcoma. If you don't know what that is, google it. I tend not to talk too much about my disease seeing as I have a 60% chance that I won't live to seem my twenty third birthday. So if you're wondering why I walked out of the shop like a little sissy, it's because of the simple reason I don't want people to feel sorry for me. The only person that knows about my disease is my parents, my doctor and my dog, Larry. Although I don't think Larry actually soaks in any information when I sit on my couch at night telling him my worries, but at least he lends an ear.

When I get outside, I lean on the wall next to the exit and check my phone. As usual, I have a few notifications on my social media and eleven texts exactly from my Mother, who worries far too much about me. I love her more than anything in the world but when she gets on my back 24/7, it's a little hard to not get annoyed with her. I mean, I understand she might be sad and all -her only son might die before he provides grandchildren- but she needs to let me live me life.

"Hey, Jake?" A sweet voice speaks behind me. Molly. I hoped. I wished. I prayed.

Slowly, I turned and saw the delightful face of Sarah, Molly's sister. Although her face was somewhat beautiful, it wasn't quite up to Molly's standard. 

"Oh, just you." I said and immediately apologised, "I'm sorry, that came out wrong. I mean you are gorgeous it's just that-Molly is-well she's-"

"Prettier than me? Yeah I know, now can we get down to the real question here?" Sarah laughed.

"What be that might? I mean, might that be?" I face-palmed inside. 

"Have you finished the science assignment? Because I really don't understand it. Maybe you could over to mine some time tomorrow?" 

I was being invited to a girls house, which was not a thing that happened often.

Okay, it had never happened. The only woman's house I had been invited to was my Grandma's house where I am smothered with food. 

But I digress, if I go to Sarah's house then there is a chance I might get to hang out with Molly too. Not to mention, I'll get to finish my science assignment which I obviously hadn't made a start on. The past few weeks have been...hectic.

"Sure, is 5:30 okay?" I stretched my mouth into a wide smile"

"Absolutely." Sarah mimicked my action. 


"Cool." I walked away, secretly screaming with excitement. 



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