The Hero Chronicles: Character Profiles

The New Generation of The Hero Chronicles: These are the Character Profiles of the Heroes, Villains and everything in between who will be appearing in the Hero Chronicles books. Let me know your favourites, and feel free to make suggestions for new characters.


17. Red Fox


Real Name: Unknown


Location: London, UK


Allegiance: Neutral – Leans Towards Villainous Activity


Powers/Abilities: ‘Augment’; Regenerative Abilities; Fast Reflexes; Enhanced Strength; Martial Prowess; Firearm Mastery; Stealth; Agile


Equipment: Assortment of Weaponry – Favours Katana, Pistol, Grenades and Submachine Gun


Aims: Prove Herself to ‘Black Eagle’; Live Free; Help ‘Kataness’


Fears: Losing ‘Kataness’; Being Hated by ‘Black Eagle’; Returning to ‘The Agency’; ‘Shadowstroke’


Bio: Red Fox and her sister, ‘Black Eagle’ were orphaned at a young age. The two of them were aggressive children at the orphanage, yet were adopted by a kindly gentleman.
The man turned out to be a member of a secretive organisation called ‘The Agency’. The orphans were trained to be the perfect mercenary. When in their late teens a new member joined ‘The Agency’ calling himself ‘Bloodbath’.
He became close friends with the girls.
After the three had been members of ‘The Agency’ for some years they were given a special serum by ‘Genesis Incorporated’, which increased their abilities. Whilst ‘Black Eagle’ and Red Fox were responsible, ‘Bloodbath’ was reckless, and was kicked out of ‘The Agency’ (taking the serum with him).
Later on the sisters received a permanent (if weaker) version of the ‘Augmentation’.
After a few years, Red Fox left ‘The Agency’ to be with her lover, ‘Kataness’, who was regarded by many as a criminal. Red Fox wants to prove to ‘Black Eagle’ that she is skilled and independent, but her new loyalties may push ‘Black Eagle’ away forever.

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