A Collection Dedicated To One Direction

This is some stuff I've written and is dedicated to One Direction! Its to short to be a story, and some of it is only a sentence or poem or so! So I've put it all together and in there is a mixture of things I've written for 1 D only, There is 1 short story, The meanings of there names and the band names and Poetry using parts of there songs, and the song names! I hope you enjoy this small collection I've put together! Leave a comment let me know! MJ


7. Up All Night Mini Story

I stayed Up All Night thinking about What Makes You Beautiful. Then I remembered how I felt when you would Tell Me A Lie and I thought if I continued to see you I’d be making the Same Mistake as I did before when you only wanted One Thing and that wasn't me at all! And I instantly knew I could get More Than This if I was in Another World.


While I was away on tour, I met a girl who Stole My Heart. And at night while O was alone I thought about Everything about you, and I knew I made the right choice, to leave you, and go away. Then when I had to Stand Up and move on after my heart was already stolen by the girl I met on tour. I thought if only I had another Moment, I'd tell the girl I'd Save You Tonight. That when I said I was Taken it wasn't true and I Wish I never said Na Na Na when you asked me to say, cause now I feel bad and think I Should Have Kissed You and told you in my life it's Gotta Be You! So now as I turn around and head back towards you all I Want is for you to want me like I want you!



The Songs used:

One Thing

What Makes You Beautiful

Up All Night

Another World



I Want

Should Have Kissed You

Gotta Be You

More Than This

I Wish 

Stand Up

Everything About You

Save You Tonight

Stole My Heart

Tell Me A Lie

Na Na Na

Same Mistakes

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