The Effect

Religion tells us everything happens for a reason. Science tells us everything has an effect. 17 year-old Jaime doesn't understand the reason people bully her so much and science is telling her that the effect is depression.


1. The Effect

Science tells us that everything we do has some sort of effect.  It doesn't matter how small or how big that thing you did was, it will still always have an effect.  There are many types of effects that can result in a person's life.  Good effect, bad effect, depressed effect, joyful effect, and in my case: living effect or dying effect.

I want to die.  Thinking about science, with the amount of hatred and disgust towards me,  i should have the effect of suicide. But I also live in a life of emotions, in which scientists don't take into account.  I'm only 17 and my entire small-missippi-town has labeled me.  The drugee.The addict.The alcoholic. The hopeless.The gone-wrong. These are just a few names I have been permantly labeled.  You may think it's mean. It's just the effect. The bullied effect.

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