Hello Again

Harry and Gayoon used to be best friends back in high school, but lost contact when Harry became part of 1D and Gayoon became part of 4minute. Years later the two groups get put in the same apartment. The insanity level just doubled and now nothing can stop them. Will these 10 crazy idols be able to handle the ups and downs of this hectic life? Will they be best friends or something more?


1. Hello London

Chapter 1


"Big news girls your moving to our headquarters in London!"



A week ago 4minute's manager broke the news of their big move. 4minute's popularity was exploding and they needed to spread their fame to Europe, or at least that's what their manager said. (4minute is a k-pop group made up of 5 girls, for those of you who didn't know) They were moving to London to a large apartment they would be sharing with another music group, no one would tell them who though, it's supposed to be a surprise. The company had moved all their things from their small dorm and all that was left to do is get on the plane and go. Gayoon had found an old album while the movers were packing and decided she would look at it on the plane. 

"Ready to go?" Jihyun asked.

"Yeah. I'm sure going to miss this place." Gayoon replied.

"Honey our new dorm is going to be so much bigger, give it a week and you won't even remember this place." 

"Yeah, but it has sentimental value." 

"Gayoon all you need is your precious thing!" Hyunah said.

"And what's that?"

"ME!" Hyunah exclaimed hugging Gayoon as the room erupted with laughter. 

"Let's go!" Sohyun yelled into the empty dorm. 


On the Plane-Gayoon's POV

I sat in first class in between Jiyoon and Hyunah while Jihyun and Sohyun sat in front of us. I put my iPhone on shuffle and search through my bag for the photo album I had found. Flipping to a random page I stare at the the little boy with curly brown hair, green eyes, and cute dimples. Flipping through the pages I realize they all have him on them ranging from the age of 7 to 15. This boy that I tried so hard to forget so I wouldn't spend hours missing him. 

My best friend.

First crush.




A/N: I got bored and I thought I would put 5 and 5 together. Get it! Ha, that was lame... sorry. I don't know how this will go so I will apologize in advance. I will not be modeling the characters perfectly to the actual people because to be honest I don't know to much about 1D. I hope you enjoy reading my movella. Thank you!





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