30 Days with Luke Hemmings

They met;
They were the best of friends;
They fell in love;
And they're never going to see each other again.


2. Day One

Celeste sat there in the ice-cream shop with the book ‘If I Stay’ before her.

Then I heard the sound of the bell on the door go off, signalling that either there's someone entering, or leaving.

She looked up to see a blonde boy, around her age dressed in an all black attire entering the shop.

‘He's just one of those punk wannabe's.’ Thought Celeste and then she continued to read her book.

She couldn't help but feel someone staring at her. She looked up an saw the 'Punk Boy' was sitting right across from her table, he was looking at her and he didn't turn away when she saw him, instead he smiled as he took a bite of what seemed like the Cookies and Cream ice-cream.

She looked back down on her book, trying her best to concentrate on her reading rather than on the boy. But somehow, she couldn't.

‘What's he staring at me for?’ She thought.

And then she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked up to see him. The boy. The Punk Boy.

"Hello." He said happily.

"Hi." She responded awkwardly.

"What are you reading?" The boy asked.

"If I Stay, its a great book- but I reckon its not what you'd like to know." She chuckled at her words, how would a boy like him like a book like this?

"Oh, do you? Well, I think Mia and Adam were meant to be. Don't you?" He said.

Celeste's eyes widened in shock. He knew. He knows. The book, the book that she thought that no guy on earth would have interest on.

"How did you-" She started, but was then cut off by the boy.

"Know? Well, I've read it. Borrowed it from my mum. You know, you really shouldn't assume things." He chuckled which made her smile. "I'm Luke Hemmings." He introduced himself, finally.

"Celeste Anderson."

That was the day Celeste Anderson met Luke Hemmings.

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