"Faith i am not i repeat am not going to the try outs" i said "Aubree im your bestfriend im obligated to make you do stuff you dont wanna your going" i rolled my eyes "fine i hate you" "love you too"


3. thanks for the "date"

"Okay do where are you taking me?" I asked justin "well do you like starbucks" i laughed "i love starbucks who doesnt" "great but im thinking we should shower." "Me too can you take me home cause faith dropped me off" "wait you dont have a car?" I blushed "i do not have a car" he laughed "loser can you hand me my bag" i walked over to our bags and picked them up "whats in your bag gosh its heavy" "nothing just extra clothes" i looked at him and rolled my eyes "lets go"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~in the car~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Turn right here" i grabbed my bag and opened the door "you can come in if you want and shower here" he took a moment to think about it "are you sure, will your parents be okay with it?" "My mom loves you of course she will" "okay" he grabbed his bag and we walked to the front door. I unlocked the door and walked in and saw my mom in the kitchen "hi mom" she turned around and smiled "h-" her eyes got big when she saw justin next to me "hi im justin" "hi im melanie" "shes one of those old beliebers" "im not old im only 36" i laughed "old enough" justin chuckled and looked around "well justin and i are going to take a shower follow me bieber" he shook his head and followed me " the bathroom is right here and i'll be in my bathroom" "awwe i thought we were going to shower together" "like i said before perv" he laughed and walked into the bathroom. After changing into a pair of black leggings and a maroon flowy tank top and my black converse. I walked downstairs and saw my mom talking to justin. "Im sorry if shes boring you" my mom closed a book when she heard my voice "oh no she wasn't boring me at all" i ran over to where my mom was sitting. I took obe quick glance at the book and it was the photot album of me when i was a baby and let me tell you there are really really embarrassing photots in there "Mother!" Justin chuckled and opened the book "this one is my favorite" i rolled my eyes and pulled justin out the door "bye mom" she said bye and we got into justins car. "So where we going?" He looked over at me "its a suprise..." "Why....." He chuckled and stared back at the riad. The drive was silent but not an awkward silence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~35 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Bieber where are you taking me?" "Patience grasshopper." "You did nit just say that!" "But i did" i rolled my eyes "youre a weirdo." I said. He put his free hand on his heart meaning he was offended. "That hurt bree." "Im sorry i knocked your ego down a notch" i laughed and looked out the window and saw alot of buildings with alley ways "you better not be the kind of guy who takes to the girl to alley ways and rapes her" he chuckled and shook his head "no way, you're crazy i like that" i blushed and smiled. The car stopped and i looked around and noticed we were in a parking garage. I looked at justin and he smiled. We got out and i followed justin

Justin: GUYS!!!

About 10 people came out of no where. I jumped and saw someone caring a stereo.

Aubree: are we dancing

Justin: you yes

I looked at him and shook my head

Aubree: no these people are amazing theyre professional

Justin: aubree youre a dancer in my tour you are professional!

I looked at him an then at the people setting up

Aubree: you're lucky i wore something i can dance in

Justin: yes!!

I laughed and waited for the people to finish. They looked at me and a girl smirked

Girl: baby are you sure she can dance

Baby baby she did not just say baby wait why am i mad i am not mad!!! Okay fine maybe a little

Justin: positive...tayla

Tayla:she looks like those snobby bitches

I crossed my arms and looked at her

Aubree: you think you can dance better than me?

Tayla: positive

Aubree: okay hit it

They pressed play and diva by beyonce came on. (Look up diva on youtube and a video with the name yanis marshall should come up) when Beyoncé said what you said she aint no diva i walked up to tayla and turned around and twerked on her then flipped my hair and kept dancing. When the song ended everyone clapped and tayla looked at me

Aubree: your turn

She rolled her eyes and got in the middle and sweet dreams came on in the middle she walked up to justin and blew him a kiss. Then kept dancing smirking at me...she think she good but im better. When she finished 3 girls clapped im guessing her posse she rolled her eyes. She walked passed me and mumbled bitch i tripped her when she took another step. Ha who's the bitch now.

Tayla: juju she tripped me

Aubree: juju she called me a bitch •mocking her•

Tayla: i dont sound like that!!!

Justin: Aubree that was mean

i shrugged and rolled my eyes and walked to a group dancing to main chick a boy spotted me and stopped the group and walked over to me

Boy: im josh

Aubree: im aubree but you can call me bree

Josh: well aubree wanna join

I nodded and he started teaching me the moves soon enough i was dancing with them

Justin pov

I was talking to tayla well she was talking i was looking at aubree talking to josh which sent jealousy through me... Wait im not jealous i have tayla and shes pretty so is aubree but me and aubree are just friends yeah just friends. Aubree and josh stopped dancing and started talking i then felt tayla hit my arm

Tayla: justin

Justin: hmm

Tayla: were you listening

Justin: yeah

Tayla: what did i say

Justin: umm


Aubree pov

Me and josh were talking when the bitch started to yell. Me and josh turned to look at her yelling at justin

Aubree: is she always annoying and bitchy

Josh: yeah i don't know how Justin handles her

Aubree: they date?

Josh: yeah when Justin came last year they hit it off been dating since

Aubree: does she always go for the new people or

Josh: only the ones who are prettier then her

I looked down and blushed then i felt someone grab my arm. I looked up and saw Justin

Justin: time to go

Aubree: wait

He looked at me and let go

Aubree: number?

I gave him my phone and he gave me his i quickly typed in my number and went to Justin's car .

Aubree: whats got your panies in a twist

He didnt say anything. I shrugged and then felt my phone vibrate it was josh


Josh: hey

Aubree: hey

Josh: what's up with justin

Aubree: i dont know text you later juju being noisy

Josh: tell juju i said bye

Aubree: lol okay


Aubree: noisy much

Justin: slutty much

im guessing he didn't want me to hear him because he said it under his breathe.

Aubree: im slutty how!!!

Justin: me and josh

Aubree: josh is just a friend

Justin: friends dont call eachother pretty

Aubree: friends me and josh are friends and youre the slut

Justin: me how

Aubree: oh i thought we were gonna shower together, i think youre adorable or i can make you do more than blush you said all those things when you had a girlfriend!!!!!!

He finally pulled up to my house i looked at him

Aubree: thanks for the "date"

Justin: bree im sorry

Aubree: you can say sorry all you want but you called me a slut and that hurts i thought you were different i thought you had a heart.

I got out and ran to my front door and opened

Mom: how did it go?

Aubree: wonderful

Mom: doesnt seem like it

Aubree: justin called me a slut

She hugged me

Mom: i can call scooter and tell him you dont want to be part of the tour anymore

Aubree: no im not quitting cause some jerk I'm going to live my dream


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