Falling for A Jonas

I've known Nick and his brothers ever since i was little and i've always had a crush on Nick and Joe but mainly Nick and i want to tell him how i feel but should i and will i before it's to late and someone else steps in
READ to find out more
it will be a good movella =)


11. Choose One

Nick's POV

Carrie told me that she loved me after she told me that she couldn't be with me. I don't get what's with her. Maybe she just doesn't know what she wants in life. I looked at her as she walked down the sidewalk glancing back every now and then.

"If you want to cancel our date to go after her you can. I understand." Jasmin said placing her hand on my shoulder.

I looked into her glistening dark brown eyes and smiled. I grabbed her hand that was on my shoulder and wrapped it in mine. I've always cared for Carrie, but since she's turned me down I drifted the other way towards Jasmin who was amazing, like Carrie. Do I call Carrie back while she's still in distance, or do I start something new with Jasmin? I've made my decision and I know who I'm going to choose.

"Jas, I've loved Carrie since we were kids and when she turned me down, I realized that she didn't love me back. She's told me she loves me, but by the time she realized she loved me, or when she did let me know that she loved me, I moved on." I said taking ahold of her face.

"Nick you can see that she has loved you, but just never knew how to tell you. Now is your opportunity to be with her. Don't let me get in the way." Jasmin replied forcing a smile.

"I know, but I realized that when you chase after someone for so long and they don't notice that you want to be with them, it draws you away." I said rubbing my thumb over her face.

I leaned in towards her, resting my forehead against hers, staring deep into her eyes. I lifted her chin up and pressed my lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck, as I grabbed her waist pulling her closer.


Carrie's POV

I walked away from Nick and who I'm assuming to be Jasmin. Every now and then I glanced back at them. The last time I looked back at them, they were in a deep kiss... if only that could be me and Nick. As I reached home I saw Joe's truck sitting outside my house. I walked upon my porch and saw Joe sitting on the swing.

"Carrie I know..." Joe started but I cut him off by pressing my lips onto his.

We kissed for a few seconds more before I pulled back. I stared him in the eyes and hugged him tight.

"Joe stay with me please?" I asked.

He nodded his head as I unlocked the door letting us in.

"Carrie Barrie...will you be mine?" Joe asked with puppy eyes.

"Did you seriously just call me Carrie Barrie? And yes I'll be yours under one condition." I said laughing.

"What's that?" Joe asked.

"You promise not to call me Carrie Barrie anymore." I said laughing.

"I promise" Joe replied laughing.

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