Music To Listen To While Reading Your Favourite Book Series

Every single one of you should know that the best recipe to a great book reading session with one of your favourite book series includes an awesome book (of course!), a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a few snacks to nibble on and a decent set of headphones which block out the rest of the world.
I would personally like to share with you the music that I listened to while reading different series of mine and which to this day still remind me of the stories everytime I listen to them ;)


1. "Vampire Academy" - Richelle Mead

So tbh this is actually like my favourite series out of everything that I've read so far! The movie was alright but I still think the books are better. But apart from that I reckon Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry are perfectly casted for the parts of Rose and Lissa and are the coolest people in real life as well!


It's about two girls; Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway who is a Dhampir which is half human, half vampire and is sworn to protect the Moroi race against the evil undead Strigoi, and Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir who is a Moroi which is a full blooded living vampire who need blood donors to survive, not like the Strigoi who kill to feed. They also have a psychic bond which allows Rose to feel and see everything that Lissa experiences because Lissa brought Rose back to life with her power, Spirit in a car accident which killed all of Lissa's family.

Rose and Lissa are best friend's and ran away from St. Vladimir's Academy to escape whatever was following them there and find a safer, unknown life away from all the royals and magic. Now they have been dragged back to the Academy by Dimitri Belikov, a hot russian dhampir guardian (according to Rose), and have to face the things secretly lurking around the school which they feel is out to get them but they don't know what for. Soon they find out that the ones they care about were the ones to betray them in the end.

Definitely an awesome read! The rest of the series include:

* Frostbite

* Shadow Kiss

* Blood Promise

* Spirit Bound

* Last Sacrifice

* (Extra)  Vampire Academy - The Ultimate Guide



Richelle Mead has written a spinoff series which follows the life of Sydney Sage, an alchemist that Rose meets in Russia in the book "Blood Promise", and Adrian Ivashkov who Rose meets in "Frostbite". Other characters from VA also mainly involved in this series include Jill Mastrano, Eddie Castile, Sonya Karp, Dimitri Belikov, and Angeline McCormick.

I have a completely separate playlist for that series so keep an eye out for another update and put this Movella on your fave's list! You know you want to ;)


Here is the playlist that I listened to while reading this series, also with the books that it specifically reminds me of:

* Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson (Vampire Academy/Last Sacrifice)

* Einstein - Kelly Clarkson

* Don't Let Me Stop You - Kelly Clarkson

* All I've Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson

* Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson (Blood Promise)

* Save You - Kelly Clarkson (Frostbite)

* Cry - Kelly Clarkson (Frostbite/Blood Promise)

* Impossible - Kelly Clarkson (Blood Promise)

* Long Shot - Kelly Clarkson (Spirit Bound)

* I'm Not Dead - P!nk (My best friend Laressa suggested this one ;D)

* Never Again - Kelly Clarkson

* One Minute - Kelly Clarkson

* Haunted - Kelly Clarkson (Frostbite/Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice)

* Irvine - Kelly Clarkson (Last Sacrifice - I can imagine this song playing at the end when Rose is shot, it's kind of really beautiful and just perfect)

* If I Can't Have You - Kelly Clarkson

* You Thought Wrong - Kelly Clarkson ft Tamyra Gray

* Tip Of My Tongue - Kelly Clarkson

* Whyyawannabringmedown - Kelly Clarkson

* The Day We Fell Apart - Kelly Clarkson (Shadow Kiss/Blood Promise)

* Can We Go Back - Kelly Clarkson

* Mr Know It All - Kelly Clarkson

* You Love Me - Kelly Clarkson (Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice)

* Let Me Down - Kelly Clarkson

* You Can't Win - Kelly Clarkson (Vampire Academy)

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