Opposites - HS

Without the experience of the opposite there is no experience of wholeness.


1. Dear diary...

'Dear Diary...

Today is my first day at my new school. Hopefully it will be better than all the others, but school sucks, so i don't think so.

I just want to lie in my bed all day, draw and listen to Arctic Monkeys. That would be perfect, but school ruins everything, and so does all the idiots who lives on this fucked up planet.

My mom's calling so i better go. Ugh.'


I stood up from my bed, which i loved so much. I yawned loudly and stretched my long body.

"Are you coming, Lyd?" My mom yelled, and i rolled my eyes.

"I'm coming!" I shouted back, and walked over to my walk-in closet.

I looked at all the clothes, and felt like i had nothing to wear.

"I need some more clothes" I murmured to myself. You can never get too much clothes. Never. That's my opinion, but my mom just thinks that i'm spending way to much money. That's not true. I'm glad that sale was invented, or she would've been right.

I found a pair op ripped shorts, my beloved yellow sweater, a pair of dark sunglasses, some bracelets and a bandana. Fashion is my passion.

I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs. My mom was baking pancakes, delicious. I bet she only made them because it's my first day at school, and she hopes that i won't skip all my classes.

"It smells delicious, mom" I said, and pecked her chin.

"Thank, honey, but you need to eat them fast or you'll be late for school" She said, and handed me a plate with seven pancakes. That's not too many for me.

I sat by the table and when i looked at the clock at the wall, i saw that it already was 07.55, so i left the rest of the pancakes. What a shame.. I waved goodbye to my mom and walked out of the door. No need to hurry. I put on my headphones and began my journey to school. I had my hands in my pocket and hummed. I was listening to my usual playlist that consisted of Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, The Weekend and some other random songs.

The sun was shining brightly, and i kinda regretted my choice of shirt. I took my sweater of, leaving me in a black tanktip, and swung the sweater around my hips, and knotted in front of my belly.

I arrived at the school at 08.15

There were no one at the parking lot. Not that i had expected it.

The school was huge and looked really modern. Modern bullshit.

I walked through the two big doors and down the empty hallway, until i found the door with the letters: 'Principal's office'

I sat down beside the door, resting my bag at somebody's locker. It took about five minutes before the door opened, and the man, that i thought was the principal, saw me and greeted me welcome to the school.

"Welcome the school, Miss Jordan, I'm principal Connor. How long have you been waiting out here?" He asked politely, while shaking my hand.

"Well, thank you.. I think? Oh just since 8" I lied and followed Principal Connor inside his office. Dumb ass

It was small with brown walls, a desk in the middle and lots of books, papers and schoolstuff.

He signaled me to sit down in a green wheelchair, that stood in front of the desk. I sat down and faced him.

He started out with asking me a lot of questions about the other school, my expectations for the school and my family. It was easy.

"I hated the other school, i'll probrably gonna hate this one too and i live with my mom" I said while looking at my phone, that i hid under the desk, while playing Flappy bird.

He looked at me with wide eyes, and his fake smile faded.

"Oh.." was the only thing he said.

He told me about the school, and all the great things about it. I didn't listen and kept playing Flappy bird. Okay were my response to all what he said.

78..79..80.. My record is 90, i have to beat it! 86..87..

"Hallo, miss Jordan, are you even listening?" He said with a sharp voice.

My bird fell down.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK SON OF A BITCH!" I shouted and jumped up from the chair.

His head turned into a deep red colour, and he frowned.

"Uhm.. It wasn't meant to you" I whispered and ran out of the room.

To my luck the clock rang, and i blended with all the other students in the hallway.

"That was close" I murmured, and whipped off the sweat from my forehead. I was looking down as someone walked straight into me, making me drop some books, that i had taken from a shelf, just to look like a student.

The books fell to the floor, and as i bend down to pick them up, someone else did too.

It was a tall guy with brown, curly hair and glasses, who really looked like a nerd. He picked them up, and held them out for me to take them, but i didn't.

"Let them be, they're not even mine" I said, and he laid them down on the floor again. Why didn't he put them at a shelf? Weird kid.

I looked up at him, straight into his emerald green eyes, that his by the glasses.

I turned away and started walking down to the cafeteria.

"B-bye" He said with a shaking, low voice. Such a nerd.

But there was something about his eyes?



So this was the first chapter, what do you think? I really like it, haha.

What do you think about Lydia?

Marcel fell in love with her, aww. How do you think that will work out? :D



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