Shes Not Afraid.

Best Friends Simmy&Roni&Harry are best friends until Harry auditiones for xfactor and everything changes.


1. 1💕

Simmys POV

About a month ago. Mine and Roni's best friend Harry auditioned for xfactor. He got through and we haven't even heard of him since. We refuse to watch xfactor!

I honestly miss him.

Since then, Weronika(roni) got a boyfriend! Louis Tomlinson!

His mate, Zayn is fitttt asssss! And got loadsss of tattoos! Just like me. We're meeting them today! Along with their friends...


"Hey babe!" Roni said as she hugged Louis.

They had a little... PG!

Then he introduced us to his friends.


Zayn. I already know!



"Hi!" I smiled not looking at Harry.

"Hey!" Was echoing around me as they all sung it! "Wow you guys are good!" I said shocked at how well they are. "Well we are famous!" Niall said.

"Who's goin pennybording?" I ask as I hold up my pennybording. "Me!" Zayn replied. I could tell Niall was about to say something but he stopped himself.

"Leggo!" I yelled. With that we skated to the ramps.

"Betcha can't do a 720!" Zayn pointed out to me so I did and then a donkey kick!"


"Not bad,.. For a girl!" He said as we sat on the old crooked bench.

"SEXIST!" I yelled as I got my phone out to call Roni.

'Hello?' She asked

'Hey where is u?' I replied

'Slide!" She replied and I hung up.

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