I wish he was mine

I couldn't help it... I know he is dating her but I... I love him. I love Pewdiepie.


1. Me

Hi. I'm Alice. I live with my mum in Melbourne, Australia. I have long brown hair with blue highlights and I have bright green eyes. I like music, TV, video games and YouTube, out of every YouTuber online, I love to watch Pewdiepie the best. I'm 17 and I have a xbox, Mac, play station, a iPhone, iPod, iPad, and a dog named Mills, she's a black, white and brown pug with blue eyes. My mum's name is Lily and she's always working. I have a YouTube channel and I sing and play games for my subscribers.

And I have a crush. A crush on pewdiepie.

If people like the idea of my fanfic I will continue writing it. Thanks for reading this first bit!!

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