A New Student In Ouran High School

When Dafne goes to Japan to live with her brother and is going to attend Ouran Academy her world is turned around. She meets 7 new people that turn her world around. She falls in love and is in the host club.


1. My Arrival

   My name is Dafne Rios. I look out the window of the airplane as it lands in Japan. I got off the airplane and went to collect my suitcase. I finally got my luggage and got my backpack and walked outside the airport to look for Kaname. I see a limo and a man next to it. Then someone steps out of the limo its Kaname. I run up to Kaname and say “How have you been Big Bro?” Kaname hugs me and says “All right Little Sis.” I say “I missed you so much.” Kaname looks at me and says “I miss you so much too.”

Kaname’s P.O.V

I got off the phone with Mother and Father. They said they will go on several trips and don’t want her to be alone and want Dafne to come live with me. I agree because it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen her. I get in my limo and tell the driver to drive me to the airport. I arrive and wait for two minutes and see a girl figure. I get out of the limo and I see Dafne running towards me. I hug her and she says “How have you been Big Bro?” I say “All right Little Sis.” She says “I missed you so much.” I say “I missed you so much too.”

Dafne’s P.O.V

Kaname opened the door for me of the limo and said “Let’s go home.” Then he smiled at me and I smiled to him and got in. Then Big Bro and I chatted and I fell asleep. I hear Big Bro saying “Little Sis wake up were home.” I wake up and walk out of the limo an see a big beautiful mansion.

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