Roses Are Meant For Love...Not Death(Finished)

Jordan:"Justin,did I tell you that..." I paused. Justin:"that what."Justin persisted. Jordan:"t-that I-I Mi-Might b-be d-dying" *voice cracks* I almost broke down. Justin:... what will he say? what does she mean? will she tell him how she feels before she dies?O.o


1. Jordan M. Love

(A/N:so my computer for the second time has been a bitch it's getting super annoying so to make things shorter I'm doing this one by one even though it's complete it has 12 chapters I made this when I was 11/12 I'm 15 now and I'm only proofreading the chapters are short too but there is a sequel which is in progress so do not worry thanks for reading I hope you enjoy :)<3 also if I get enough comments I may let you have all of the chapters :)<3 P.S.anything at the bottom of the chapter is an old authors note from me) Jordan's POV

you see that picture up there that's me Jordan Love  I don't like to show my face much to strangers until I get to know you sorry I'm a shy person.  I am always out going to my friends until I meet someone new it's always been a habit of mine.

I have a best friend we gave each other nicknames,my nickname is midget, because I'm so small and I call her Caity-bear that her--->
yep Caitlin beadles she's mah bestie and see I'm gettin' used too yah now. 
so facts about me 
fave food: baked spaghetti 
fave color: red  duh
took my first breathe in February the 28th, 1994 so I'm older than Justin 
best friend(s): Caitlin beadles,Christian beadles,Justin bieber,Ryan butler,Chaz Somers.
  little bio: you got most of it but I didn't tell you about what I found out, well first I gotta start at the beginning 
when I was four I could pick my own rose, but what I didn't know was that the roses were that I had to find love when I turned seventeen until I'm seventeen now and if I wait any longer I could die my mom told me that the petals on the rose would fall off until I'm in love with someone and that someone is Justin , but he's daiting Selena me and here a just friends I've never had my first kiss either  or boyfriend and I'm a complete virgin but this is what my rose looks like no petals have fallen off yet, and I hope they don't fall off. and if I dress fancy I take the rose with me in my hair. I also sing.   

"Jordan come on we gotta go to pattie's house."

My Mom Called.

"ok mom can we pick up Caitlin too."

I asked her and she nodded.
"yep now let's go."

She said to me
A/N:some of the songs I'm using will be random soo pretend she wrote them,and character's will be in fave color's  

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