Far From Home

Lizzie Samuels was an average 13yr old girl with a younger sister who she has to care for, until the fever struck. Killing millions in a day, it seemed like nothing could get worse. But it does... //ZOMBIE\\


1. Chapter 1: The sickness hits

I am strong. Fierce like a lion. You cannot beat me.


The walkers body hits the ground with a giant thud. Blood is everywhere. The moans of more dead body's are coming closer. I quickly pack up my small bag and grab my sisters hand. We run towards the enclosed forest. As I am running, I clutch my necklace my father gave to me. It is a giant Cougar cat in mid-leap.

I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lizzie Samuels , I'm 13 years old. Me and my sister, Mika, are constantly in search of a home. My family lived in Georgia. I grew up learning how to defend myself and my younger sister.

Me and my sister were home alone with my mom when my father ran in and quickly pulled my mother aside to talk to her. My mother turned pale and she looked worried. Later that night I heard the radio saying to evacuate Panthersville, were we lived. I was confused. My father and mother fought all night and in the morning we awoke to all our bags packed and loaded.

// Flashback \\

"Lizzie I'm scared. " Mika said. I could see the fear in her eyes. "Mika it's ok, mom and dad are going to keep us safe, and we're going to a place called Atlanta." My sisters eyes softened and I let out a soft sigh. The truth is, I don't know if everything is going to be ok. My parents are worried and all of our bags are packed and ready at the door of our apartment. I clutched my necklace. My father recently have it to me as a birthday present. It has a large cougar in mid leap on it, carved into the small wooden piece. We live in Panthersville, Georgia.

"Lizzie, get your sister and grab your bags and get into the car, now. " my father said. He was sweating and seemed tense. I didn't need to be asked again. I grabbed Mika's hand and we grabbed our bags and left.

To be honest, I'm pretty scared.

//End of flashback\\

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