Whenever I have trouble trying to write I go online and find random writing exercises to get my creative juices flowing. I have quite a lot of these mini things and I thought 'what good are they just saved on my computer' so I give to you, the public, an insight into my mind with writers block. Some of the strangest things are created and discovered in the moments when you have literally have no ideas. Hope you enjoy :D
-E x


1. Write a gossip page piece on the theft of porridge from the three bears house.


It has been revealed that a young girl who identifies as Goldilocks, known across the land for her golden locks, has reportedly stolen multiple portions of Highland Oats porridge from number 3 Bears House on Fairytale-land avenue. the incident which is reported to have taken place on Monday at approximately 6 AM. During the residents morning walk.


    Goldilocks was seen be Mr Nos .E. Neighbour entering the property shortly after the bears had vacated the premises. The observer said this about the incident;


    “You see I like to see into the Bears windows in the morning to make sure they aren’t eating any people because this isn’t the middle ages and human or few consumption is not allowed anymore and they always looked iffy to me. I saw the girl enter the house and try each one of the porridges before settling on the smallest bowl. I think she was thinking about her figure; her dress was definitely on the tight side.”


A police spokesperson at a public conference had this to say;


    “The incident that occurred last Monday is one in many porridge burglaries that are happening all over Fairy-tale land. the joint human and few police force are working towards beating this up coming rise in porridge stealing. it is believed that these thefts are being organised by the notorious W. Olf who is wanted for the charge of breaking and entering dear old grandmothers house and the consumption of many pigs and eating living beings whole. we would like to urge the population to take precautions to prevent this gang from being able to take away our porridge. arm yourselves this terrorist action is not over, but we a working for a better future.”


It is clear to us at Tales Weekly that the rise in porridge crime is in accordance with the governments tighter control of the trade of gummy bears and other sweet snacks that a lot of gangs deal in to the population. The deathly liquorice snaps that have been reportedly the cause of hundreds of sugar overdoses a year have been added to the extensive list of banned snacks throughout Fairy-tale land and gangs and sweet lords are not happy. 


We hope to keep you up to date on the developing porridge thefts and what these gangs are planning next.




Hey hope you liked the first bit of weirdness.

Comment if you have any exercise that you want me to do and I will find the time to do them and post them as a chapter. Nothing to long as it is just supposed to be a short exercise.

Always enjoy reading comments so don't forget :D and ever like and favourite, if you really want to.


Live long and prosper,

-E xx

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