My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


36. Chapter 36

Liam's POV

I stare down at Em, she isn't moving, I can't tell if she is breathing. I start to walk down the steps and I sink down next to her and try to listen to her heart. I jump when the front door opens and I look up to find Harry at the door. "Em?!" He shouts, not noticing me yet. I get up and his attention shifts over to me and I start to run up the stairs. "LIAM!" He shouts, running up after me. I am tackled to the ground and I try to push him off. "What did you do to her?!" He shouts and I turn on my back and start to punch his chest. 
"This is your fault Styles!" I shout, punching his gut and he slouches sort of but he does not move off of me.
"How is this my fault?!" He shouts and I punch him in the face and he grunts. 
"You ruined my whole plan! This was supposed to be an easy plan but you came in and fucked it up!" I shout, punching him again and he punches me in the gut.
"What the hell are you talking about?!" He shouts and I kick him off of me and jump up. I tower over him and reach into my pocket.
"It was supposed to go smooth but you told her something. You told her something and now she doesn't trust me, she is afraid of me. I can't believe you!" I shout, pulling out my knife. 
"Liam!" He shouts and I kick him and he groans. I start slowly pacing as I stare down at him.
"It was supposed to be, I get in with Heather so I could get closer to Emma." I say, laughing slightly and shaking my head. "But you, you just had to tell her, you fool. So now, I have to take care of this, my way." I say and he starts trying to crawl away and I laugh. I walk over to him and pick him up by his hair.
"I knew it was you, I knew you killed Jeff and Gemma! You are a monster!" Harry says and I laugh.
"Yes, I killed Gemma but I didn't kill Jeff although, it was good to see him go, he never treated Emma or her mother right, he was a bastard." I say, shaking my head. "His mistake, my gain, I guess." I say, smiling. I stab him in the chest and let him fall and he gasps.
"E-Em is g-going to know you did t-this, sh-e won't let you g-get awa-y with this." He barely rasps out and I laugh.
"She may know that I killed you but she can never put me away for it." I say, stabbing him in the back and he jerks around. "But for now, I am going to let you sit here and bleed out and let you think about what you did." I say, grabbing his bloodied arm and putting it in his hand.
I walk away from him and go down the steps. Em is peacefully laying there and I kneel down beside her and run my thumb over her cheek and lean down and kiss her. I get up and gather some stuff, making sure to leave behind some things. I overlook everything, remembering Em's phone in my pocket. I pull it out and smash it against the wall and let it fall. I have to disappear but I won't forget about Emma.

Authors Note

I don't know, the way I ended this chapter is weird. Sorry, I lerv you! This is sort of a filler sort of as well. -Christyxx

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