big city

this story is about a girl cathy who is from a poor background comes to new york to find some work for a better future.she finally finds a job in a cafe.she met a boy john working with him.they both fall in love with each other.will their relationship continue?or will they end up living their life as they were?find in the story.


1. chapter 1

 cathy finally reached new york through a local to the city cathy not knowing where to go mistakenly enters a bar.the people over there instead of helping her tease her forcing her to drink. cathy somehow got out of the was just not her day.the traffic over there was obviously new to her coz her village was a sedate place. she too had difficulty crossing roads and finding the way. finally she met a boy who helped her.since the sun began to set.the boy had to go back to prepare supper. cathy could not forget boy, his grey green eyes his redish lips soft white skin. cathy did not had enough money to rent a room in a she had to sleep on a small seat in a garden.

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