Pageant queen Allie meets pop star Harry Styles at one of her pageants. He falls instantly in love with her, but she starts to persuade herself to like him too. Allie is spoiled, can Harry teach her not to be? "You're so stubborn." Harry laughed. "No I'm not!" I said playfully.


1. At A Pageant

"Allie! Go! Beat those ugly monsters!" My mom chanted. I just rolled my eyes as I walked on the big stage that had the lights on me. "Contestant number 152, Allie. Allie has blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has 209 crowns going for 210 today. She also has over 100 dresses! Talk about spoiled! Thank you contestant number 152!" The pageant announcer said. Everyone cheered. When he said spoiled it made my heart sink. I don't like being called that even though I know I am. "Good job honey! You did it! Ew look at that ugly girl with the black dress up there!" My mom said to me. "Mom I happen to think she is beautiful and she is my pageant friend." I told her. "Oh no honey, no friends in pageants! Or you will never succeed in life!" She flat out told me. I just walked away to the dressing room to change for my next act. As I was walking I was singing. I love to sing but, I can't tell anyone because I'm so busy with all these pageants, and I don't want to let my mom down. "Woah!" I yelled. "Oh I'm so sorry, he let me help you up." Said a beautiful boy with curls. "Thanks, but you need to watch where you're going." I told him. "You were the one singing! And you sing good by the way!" He laughed. "Thanks." I said. "I'm Harry." He said in a British accent. "I'm Allie, and I don't care." I told him. "You are a feisty little pageant girl!" He laughed. "Umm sure." I rolled my eyes. "Now look i need to change for my new act." I said. "Ok, I will be watching you out there beautiful." Harry said with a smirk as he walked away. What a flirt he is! After I put on my next dress, I saw a note that had his number in it, I threw it away in the trash in my hotel room. Finally I made it to the stage. I walked across it and even saw Harry. When I was done and completed 3 or 4 rounds of the pageant, it was crowning time. "Prettiest face, eyes, hair, and dress go to.. Contestant number 152 Allie!" The man said. Everyone clapped for me. "Runner up for the Miss teen Pageant goes to.... Allie!" He called out. My mom was upset and so was I but Harry was clapping. After the pageant I went to Harry and not my mom because she would be mad at me. "You did awesome!" Harry told me. "You don't understand!" I said. "I won runner up, but I'm not staying here I need to go home with you and not my house because if I go to my house my mom will show up at the door!" I told him. "Okay but you will have to meet the rest of the boys, you know from one-" "I know." I cut him off. We snuck back to the hotel room and got my stuff. After that we left. In the car it was silent. "You know Allie. I really like you." Harry told me. "Yea I noticed." I said. "Do you like me back?" He asked. "We'll you pretty hot, but I don't know yet." I told him. He smirked and said "You do like me! Or at least you will!" "Haha sure!" I laughed. Sooner or later we arrived at his flat.

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