the 3rd hunger games

Hi my name is Sophie district 11 the boy from my district is Tom i have a crush on him. I am only 14 so i hope i will win .


1. The Cornucopia

Hi my name is Sophie i am 14 and from district 11.I have to go to the hunger games the boy with me is Tom i have  a crush on him and i hope i will win  there are still 60 seconds until we begin . I spot a bag one meter away and i see a sword close to the bag i will get those, 2 more seconds and go ! I took the bag but someone else took the sword so i went for the bow and arrow i ran in the forest but someone was following me .When i was in the middle of the forest i stopped and looked behind me and it was Tom . Tom asked for allies he was strong and cute and i might need him so i said yes . It was night so Tom fell asleep but i wanted do see who died  the only one  who died was from district 9  a girl and no boy died . Wow almost nobody died these people are very strong then i fell asleep. The next day i woke up in the cornucopia the girl from district one had my bow and arrows and my bag then i saw the boy from district 1 and the rest of the careers but i spotted Tom he was standing with them . I couldn't believe it Tom was in the careers even though he was district 11.

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