An undesirable past, an unknown future, and an uncertain present pretty much sums up the life of Wyae. He only wishes for clarity in his life, but with ancient magic awakening, he has another problem.


1. Light Shadows

He knew he must keep very still while he waited. He puffed out his cheeks in an attempt to keep himself entertained while trying not to move or make any noise. He was excited, his mother had come up with a new game! She had been very clear about what the two rules were. Don’t move and don’t make any noise until she got back, no matter what. She had been so adamant about it that he was too scared to even rock back and forth on his heels as he sat crouched behind the hay inside the stuffy barn. She would be so proud of him! When she came back and the game was ended, she would praise him for playing it so well! He just knew it. Why was everyone trying to make him lose? Everyone in the village was screaming and yelling so he would go look. He knew it was part of game and that if he moved he would lose. They were actually almost able to get him to move to look outside, the screams sounded so real but the thought of his mother’s praise kept him stubbornly stuck in place.

The noise outside eventually faded and it became quiet. Quieter than he had ever recalled hearing a place. Had they forgotten about him? That thought was able to move him. He tried to keep as quiet as possible in case it was still the game. He struggled to slide open the barn door and right before he gave up on it, it slid open just enough for him to slip out. He was greeted with the sight of his entire village laying down. Were they playing the game too? He ran up to his mother who was right in front of the barn.

“Mama?” He said as he sat down next to her. When she didn’t react he said, “Oh, I know, you’re playing the game! No making noise and no moving. I’m sorry I lost, I just couldn’t do it anymore! I’ll win next time I promise. I know you don’t want to lose, but you can open your eyes! That doesn’t make any noise and it won’t count as movement, I promise! Look how pretty the sky is! Mama?” He turned her head which was previously facing the opposite way from him and faced it straight up. He was greeted with his mother’s previously perfect face sliced almost beyond recognition and two gaping holes where her beautiful eyes should have been.

“Mama?” He said horror creeping into his voice. He scrambled backwards trying to back out of this nightmare and back into reality. He tripped over an unknown object and his hand was plunged into something warm and sticky. He picked up his hand and red was crawling down his hand to whence it came. He turned his head away from his hand and was greeted with the face of old man Ricki whose face was in a similar state to his mothers. He let out a bloodcurdling scream and jumped up. Tears filled his eyes as he gazed around him in open mouthed horror. Everyone he knew, Timmy, Katherine, Auntie, Cousin Jenny had all been similarly damaged. He knew what they were. Dead. He heard stories of it, never actually witnessing it. He felt cold slither over him in the form of a dark cloud.

“Waybird” His name vibrated all around him throughout the cloud that was now hovering above, beside, and behind him.

He froze. How did it know his given name? Was it the thing that did that to his friends, no, his family? He wasn’t going to take the chance that it wasn't, so he just ran. He felt tears streak across his face as he pushed himself to go faster.

As he was running, he felt rather than heard the chill whisper, “Waybird”

-------15 years later-------

“Hey Wyae!” he heard as he was greeted with a sack of potatoes landing on his stomach. “Get up, we got places to go people to see!”

“Wha?” He shook his head trying to clear it of the past that haunted him. It was odd, the dreams started coming to him every night.

“Wyae, did you hear me?” Wyae looked up at his best friend, Trigg who was looking at him expectantly. “Well, I asked you a question, are you going to answer?”

“Yes I heard you and yes I’m up.” He groaned as he stood up to stretch out his body attempting to relieve himself of that night’s horrors.

“Well, how do I look?” Trigg asked him while she held her arms out wide so he could better examine the outfit she had on for her very important day. She was wearing a white blouse top whose sleeves didn’t quite reach her wrists and her normal ratty, baggy brown pants. She had attempted to put her dirty blond hair into a braid but had failed miserably and it looked especially messy around where her gray cat-like ears protruded from her head.

“Well you might want to put on a new pair of pants, take your hair down or learn to braid it correctly, and you might try some make-up.” He criticized. He was thanked for his comment with a leather shoe being launched at his head but it hit the tree behind him. “I was just kidding, you look great.” That confession still didn’t save him from getting a glare from her piercing grey eyes.

“I look fantastic,” she huffed while slinging her braid over her shoulder. “I don’t need you to tell me that. We need to be on our way or I’m going to miss the tryouts." She said as she picked up their small leather bag and started down the small dirt road that they camped by for the night.

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