**LOOKING FOR CO-AUTHOR/S** Interviews from my (and yours) favorite authors who people feel should be more popular!


1. Information

Hey guys! I will try my best to make this movella different from others like it, by interviewing only "Undiscovered" authors, so unless you have "special circumstances" then please do not ask to be asked to be interviewed if you have over 200 fans. If you want to be interviewed, just comment these things:

1. First name

2. Email address

My email is so email me if you think you classify of having special circumstances. If I think you should be interviewed, I will mumble to you. Remember I need a Co author/s! So if you want to co author then put in a comment that you want to Co-author and give me one example of a question. I will choose my Co-author/s when I have 10 people, or on June 6th. 


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