The love story of harry and selena

This is my first fan fiction hope you guys like it


5. the proposal

Harry took me out on our first year anniversary and he told me he had a surprise for me. Me and Harry went to nando's for our anniversary and he got down on one knee and said, " Selena Marie Tomlinson will you marry me?" I started to cry and said " YES I'll marry you Harry!!!!" Harry picked me up and kissed me "I love you Selena so much." The next day I called Jane and Alex and told them and they ran right over. I saw Louis and smiled at me and lipped thank you and I love you. Harry got everything together for the wedding in a few months from the cake to the ceremony. Me, Jane and Alex all went dress shopping and I picked out one with an orange sash on it. " Omg! Harry will love it Selena!!!" Jane said. Alex " Yea he will I'm jelly girl me and ur brother have been dating since high school and u and jane r married already."

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