When We Kissed

A fanfiction by harrysgirl14 - i know it may not be good, but bear with me....


1. intro: Cast of Characters

Maggie: A girl who lives with her mom since her father chose to be in the army. She has a very difficult life and she has to make choices, including how to get over her so - called boyfriend Trent, and whether she and her mom should move or not. More surprises come along as the story goes on.

Ginny- Maggies best friend; usually helps Maggie and her mother make those complicated choices

Maureen: Maggies mother; desparate for help as she moves on with her tough life, aside from the help she gets from her daughter.

One direction: You all know about them.... Hopefully... A gang of cheeky boys who auditioned for the X Factor in 2010 and got a record deal by Simon Cowell: became extremely successful. (This story takes place during and after the X Factor)

Trent: Maggie's so - called boyfriend. Often uses drugs and spends little or no time with maggie. Usually fights with her and treats her like she's a dog at times.

HOPE YOU ENJOY THE STORY! Just be ready to experience much Drama and excitement!

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