Attack On Titan: Allison's Story

"Yes, Eren?"
"Are you sure?"
I nodded," We will kill all the Titans."


1. Prologue

Me, Eren, Arwin and Mikasa swing through the trees using our 3D maneuver gear. I swing past a Titan and pull out my swords. As I'm about to swing my weapons, the Titan swings at me with his hand and I'm knocked to the side. I think to myself, 'I'm Dead'. The maneuver gear pulls me up and I hear Eren yell," Allison! You Okay?!" "I think so!" I yell back, swinging towards the Titan again. As soon as I'm near his neck, I swing my swords. They cut much deeper than it has to. The Titan collapses to the ground.

{A/N: Sorry for the short prologue. Longer chapters will come in the future. Thanks for reading. Will update soon!

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