We All Belong

I don't believe in blurbs. I believe that if you really want to know what that story's about, you'll go read the real thing. Not this waste of space. So go read. What are you waiting for?


1. Intro

I can't write. Almost like I'm blocking myself from doing what I love, like a punishment. Or maybe I have too many emotions inside that I dont know how to put them. But it's so hard to do, when you are known as the quitter, the person who can't stay in a friendship for over 2 years without leaving for fear of it being too 'intense'.
I left 2 of my friends recently. They've been there for me through a lot, but I just left them. And saying it like this makes me look like the bad guy but you don't know what happened. You dont know the story. Do you want the story? Do you actually care about my real life? Because if not I'll walk away now. I dont care what people think, think of me as the quitter if you like. That's what I already am to my friends.
This isn't a desperate bid for attention. This is me, part of the real world, and I want you to know what life is like for a real person. Since I'm too much of a wuss to tell my friends why I left them, I'll tell them through this story. As a wannabe-writer, I hate confrotation.
But I'll only tell you my story if you really want to know. I want to know if people care, or if we spend our lives with our noses so far up other peoples asses that we can't see the real world anymore, if we've all lost track of what's real.
So, I'll ask you again: do you want to know my story? Do you actually care?
If you do, leave a comment below if you want to know and I will begin. I think you might want a box of tissues.

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