Remember that color used to describe sadness or remorse? That color they call 'Blue' is more than you can ever give it credit for. Take time and imagine what the world would be like with Blue absent. What color could ever fill it's shoes? Yellow? Green? Red?

The truth is no color could ever replace Blue. The color is too valuable for that. Imagine the sky filled with grey clouds everyday for the rest of your life. How would you feel? How do you think Blue feels about being the color to represent sadness? Horrible.

This is BLUE's story.... The truth of the color.


1. BLUE...

SamiSoftball presents... The truth of the color Blue. This misunderstood color is much more than you think. This is a tribute to the color Blue. This is what it means to the world.


"Blue is not the hardship, despair, sadness, or loss part of life; it is the diamond in the rough; the gold ring buried deep in the dirt; the Romeo to life's Juliet. Blue is the timeless joy that is extremely rare in our now broken society. It is not there to remind us that we are inferior or useless. It is there to tell us to hang on tight for the ride of life. It is there to reassure us that there is always another tomorrow and a whole new horizon. The horizon we seek only moves further out the closer we get. When we finally reach that wondrous horizon blue will be there to congratulate us. It will say, 'You made it. You hung on and you achieved the impossible.'"

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