The Never Box (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic)


1. finding out (1)

Ashtons P.O.V.

"You know I can't baby!" Vanessa pouted " Don't baby me. I'm done. were done." I gritted my teeth before storming away.

Naomi's P.O.V.

"My books" I said quietly as someone brushed passed me knocking them out of my hands. He quickly turned around knowing what happened

"Sorry didn't see you there" he said picking up my books.

"Nobody does" I mumbled under my breath

"Pardon?" he asked politely "N-Nothing and thanks for helping me" I said just loud enough for him to hear. After school I got my home work out ( books I dropped) and noticed my never box was gone. "No. No. No. No. This can not be happening!" I shouted pulling at the end of my hair.

Ashtons P.O.V.

I really don't know why I took this, it just looked interesting. hopefully I’ll see her tomorrow and return it.

~ Next Day~

I roamed through the hallways trying to find Naomi. Then. I see her chewing her nails, and looking around worriedly, this box has to be important. "Naomi!" I yell she looks up and runs to me. Out of breath she says " Y-You know my name?"

"Yeah and I found this box on the ground guessing its yours" I say.

"Yeah thank you so so much I would have been so embarrassed if somebody read this stuff, its really personal" she says, and i become even more intrigued to see what's inside of it.

Naomi's POV

I was so glad when Aston had my box, I just hope he didn't read it. I almost hugged him but their was already enough stares and that would ruin his reputation. And how did he know my name? Im just known as 'freak' or simply a nobody. The rest of the day was super boring except for my last class, art. Ashton sat beside me, which in return i gave him a strange look

"hey, look Naomi. So Mr.Fritz said I need a tutor in math, which I obviously suck in. And he recommended you. So can I-uh-maybe come over after school today, and you tutor me?" he asks in a hushed voice.

"sure" I said calmly but I was really freaking out. what if he planned to beat me up? I'm sure he would enjoy that, watching me in pain. After school we walked to my house, taking the shortcut. " My rooms right there i'll be there in a sec" I told him pointing to my room down the hall.

Ashtons POV

I walked into her room. Dark gray walls, with posters of bands all around. Her bed, sat in the corner of the room. A few prices of paper with neat hand writing scattered across it. I walked up to them and couldn't help but read them. Curiosity killed the cat.

Naomi's POV

I was doing the dishes when I remembered I left the never box letters out. I sprinted down to my room and screamed " NO! " when I saw him reading them he looked up and finished reading them. " you- um-like me?" He asked I just stood there shocked " I well uh like you too" he said, scratching his neck while his cheeks turned a crimson color, though I'm sure I looked like a tomato.

We stood there in silence for awhile before I heard the door slam. " you gotta get out of here" I said. "why? " he asked "um just-just because you need to get out! maybe we can go to your house tomorrow" I suggested, shoving him towards the window. “ wait, can't Just go out the door?’ he asked “ Uh no. This way is more fun!” I tried to convince him as I opened the window. Shoving him lightly he made his way out of the window “ Uh bye” he called out and I just waved before turning around anxiously waiting for my father to burst through the doors of my room.


Ta-daaaa! First little snippet, lets call this i don't know i guess chapter one even though its not even a page long

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