Heart Chambers

I had another nightmare, this time I couldn't escape. I needed to express my fear and my love, maybe even my fear of love.


1. Corrupted heartbeats

Corrupted heartbeats


Life never gave me anything,

I have no greater overview or understanding

Maybe it is something I can achieve one day

But right now; all I have is this nagging feeling of emptiness


Life is like a growing abyss

I can't remember when or how,

Maybe it was like waking up like any other day

But right now; all I can feel is this edge of sorrow


I'm no wallflower and no dreamer

The stories behind me aren't mine to tell

Is it possible to be a background character on your own life?

Sometimes I doubt that this life is mine to live


I have things,

A family

A few good friends

A doubtful talent


I'm not extraordinary or fascinating

The life I live is almost painfully mundane

Is it possible that life is just a dull task given by birth?

Sometimes I wonder if I exist at all


Life can be compared to a mousetrap

I could say my life was tragic

Maybe I'm just too pathetic to appreciate it

But right now; I want to feel like I have a right to exist


Life became indifference to me

I never noticed that I already had jumped over the edge

Maybe destruction was the only option left

But right then; I couldn't care less

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