Lego House

I thought my life was perfect.
My friends and I's band, Five Seconds Of Summer, touring all around, meeting fans and living our dream.
But right now, I got to figure out something-
Where my child's mother is, and why she left her on my doorstep.


2. Drunk

Author's Note: This will be completely in Luke's POV unless in the chapter title I put ; ___'s POV (:

Ily xx


I stumbled out of bed, rubbing my tired eyes.

"Ugh" I moaned. I'm not a morning person, but I don't know anyone else who is, besides my mum. I go to the bathroom, taking care of my personal needs(like brushing my teeth, showering, brushing and grooming my hair, and taking a piss, ya sick fuck). After I finish my morning routine, I walk to my closet, grabbing a Nirvana t-shirt and my black skinny jeans. I throw on my clothes, take a look in the mirror, and check my phone. I had about 20 text, most likely from Niall saying he misses me.

From: Mike-Ro-Wave

Hiiiiii bro! Ash, Cal, and I are going to a party tonight. We bringin our ladieeees too (; (; you should come with us!

I got almost the exact same text from Ashton, Calum, Kassie, Harry, and some other friends of mine.  Then one from Niall saying "Weyhey miss u bae" which isn't a surprise. And of course, my mum texted me greeting me into the day. I finish replying to all the text, and decided to go to the party. I mean hey, I'm single, there will be single girls there, why the hell not? I go to my kitchen, pouring me a bowl of Lucky Charms. I go into my living room, plopping onto the couch just to watch reruns of old television shows I never even heard of. I munch on my cheerio and marsh-mellow like cereal, washing it down with orange juice and the milk inside the bowl. I finish up, laughing at the crazy antics going on in this show. Not for sure what its about, but its pretty hilarious. I finished watching the show, bringing my now empty bowl into the kitchen, sitting it in the sink for my mum to wash whenever she comes over. I decided to go for a walk, so I slipped on my black Vans and some shades, grabbed my phone and keys before leaving my house.

I kept walking 'til I reached a local park. It didn't seem busy, only a girl who looked about my age swinging, and a few kids and a woman chasing them all. I went over to sit on the swing, that was next to the girl.

"Hey." I said to the mystery girl. She grabbed her jacket sleeves, pulling them over her hands.

"H-h-hi..." She said, sad but blankly.

"I'm Luke."

"I'm.. I'm Lea." She said softly. Lea. The perfect name for such a perfect girl.

"Lea. I like that name. It's beautiful.. like you." I said to her. I wasn't even trying to be one of those "I'm a douche canoe guy, so I'll use a cheesy line to get in your pants", I was being completely honest.

"Th..Thanks... Luke is a really cool name." She said, a bit more open. We talked for almost two hours, going on about our favorite things, things we love and the things we hate, our family, ourselves, each other, and just anything in general. 

"So, Lea, there's this super cool party I'm going to tonight... And I was wondering if you'd maybe.. like to be my date?" I said, knowing I would get rejected because she is out of my league.

"Sure, I'd be honored to be your date." She said.

Did she just agree to being MY date? Oh my god this never happens, mainly because I'm just.. eh.

"Really? Oh wow, um, here what's your number?"

"812-870-8591" She told me. I typed it in, putting her name as <3Lea.

"I'll pick you up at 7. I'll text you, Lea. I gotta go now!" I told her.

"Bye Luke. See you tonight." She said.

I can't believe Lea agreed to being my date. I mean... wow.

I just hope I don't fuck anything up, especially with my band becoming more popular.


Another's Author's Note:

That number I used is my cell number. Please do not call or text me xx

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