caught in the middle of death

A young girl by the name of Annie finds herself going on a mysteriously scary adventure to find her brother after he was kidnaped by an devil. But as the population of devils grow will Annie make it in time or will it all be to late????


1. When they came .............


One day long ago, deep in the depth of night, a small girl by the name of Annie sat at home comforting her little brother and protecting him as know one else was around.  Their  mum and dad had left a couple of days ago for a vacation and their  uncle was supposed to be looking after them. But after a night of strange nosies and and reports of death he had failed to turn up. An eleven year old girl was left in charge of a huge house and the responsibility of a 4 year old sibling ,for goodness knows how long , with know help from and adult. 


"Come on Toby time for bed" explaind Annie as she pull him up to bed. Round the squeaky staircase the went and Annie place Toby into bed. " Can't I stay up with you ???" Toby said trembling "You know I hate being alown " " I  will be up in a minute" explaind Annie as she quickly fled down stairs to get something.


As she went to open the living room door she heard the smashing of windows and foot steps. Her heart skipped  a beat as the house was under her control. What if it is the police ......they will want to take us into care.  With all of these emotions running through Annies head she quickly burst open the door. As she peered round the room she found the window was smashed and the curtains where blowing swiftly in the wind. With panic she shut the curtains , when all of a sudden there was a crash of a door behind her and a creaking noise all the way up the stairs. Slowly Annie opened the living room door and peered up the stairsAll of a sudden there was a blood curdling cry.  "TOBY!!!!!!!!!" As quick as a flash Annie ran up the old wooden stair case and burst open the bedroom door. The curtains where flapping in the wind and a black like figure was perched on the edge of the window sill. It's long sharp nails pierced into Tobys side as he was whisked away into the depth of night.  "TOBY" Annie cried as she used up all of the air in her lungs until she was out of breath and whimpering on the floor.

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