Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


12. This is what cancer does to me.

- This is my confession. I don't think we'll make it till your birthday.-

Justin's POV.

We were at my house and Jasmine was making me spaghetti. I haven't got home cooked dinner in what seems forever, and it was the great thing about having a girl. Thats what they are made for. To please us boys and men. The smell of the spaghetti made me even more hungry than i was before, and i couldn't wait to taste the delicious food she had prepared for me.

" I don't hope you have too high expectations. Im not that good at cooking." She said and laughed. " I won't get my hopes up. Im never getting home cooked dinner, so it better taste good. You can't be that bad if you're half Mexican." I said and laughed. " but I'm used to my mom making it for me." She said and walked over to the kitchen table, which i was sitting on, and she got in between my legs and smiled at me.

" Ive never noticed your mom being at home, and I've been sneaking in a lot of times now. You're so talented, you know that right?" I asked. " You haven't met her yet.. We gotta change that. Talented.." she whispered to herself. " How is she like? Is she as beautiful as you? Or as clever, frustrating.. Charming.. How is she like?" I asked and laughed. " My mom is way more beautiful than me, and funnier.. She's amazing. You have to meet her. " " Mm.. I like old ladies too, maybe i should chase her instead. I'd love to meet her, but that would be sad cause then i had to dump you. How old is Mrs Villegas?" I asked. " She's too old for you, and she has 3 kids. Oh and she is married. Why would she want you? She wouldn't want someone like you." " Maybe.. But she's never too old for a little bit of fun, i'd be a good step dad. We could have fun together. What are you even doing together with someone like me?" I whispered to her. She laid her head back and bite her lip. She laid a hand for her mouth and got down on knees so quickly. She started throwing blood up on my white and black coloured floor. 

" Shit Jasmine! I need to call an ambulance! Do you want to lay down?!" I asked totally choked over all the blood, and what just happened. I couldn't move out of where i sat. I was frozen. What the fuck was happening?

I got down from the kitchen table and sat down next to her. She grapped my arm and tried to get up. Then she threw up again and started to cry. She started coughing and the flood was rushing out of her mouth. Her nose started to bleed as well, and there i sat and didn't know what the fuck to do! 

I got my phone up from my pocket and dialled 911. " Hey. Its Justin Bieber. I have a girlfriend with leukaemia, and she just threw a lot of blood up. She hasn't done it before.. Not in the last few months. I live at Stockville 7 Calabassas." I got off the phone and threw my phone on the kitchen table. " Come on Jasmine. One last question Jasmine, what do i have to do now?" I looked at her, and tried to catch her eyes. " Just wait till the ambulance is here." she said, surprisingly relaxed. She must be used to this. 

" Was it so disgusting talking about your mom, or do i smell since you felt the need to throw up? Is this dangerous?" i asked and looked at her. " They are just going to run some tests on me Justin. Don't worry." " What kinda tests? Am i not allowed to worry? You just threw up on my floor and it wasn't food that came out of your mouth." I said and licked my lips. " Just blood test. I don't know.. I really don't know Justin. When are they here? The food is getting burnt." she said and sighed. " That isn't bad. The blood test. It would be something else if you needed to get something down your throat.They are on their way, i don't know when they are here, but I'm not leaving you just because the food is getting burnt." I said and sighed. " Justin.. Im fine." She said and sighed. 

The ambulance arrived, and we heard the sirens. A man came into the front door and looked around to find us in my big house. " Hello! Hello is anybody here?" He walked to the kitchen where we sat and he nodded to us." How is she? Anything new?" He asked. " She's saying she's fine now, but she's totally pale now. Im going with her to the hospital. Jasmine have you tried this before? Throwing blood up?" " I've tried it many times before. Do i need to go to the hospital?" " Can you walk to the ambulance, or do i need to get the stretcher? And yes you need to go to the hospital, especially when you have cancer." He said and winked at her. Ew. " Cant i just carry her out? Is it dangerous?" I asked. " Cant he just carry me?" she asked as well.

The other ambulance man came with a stretcher and smiled at Jasmine." Nope up on the stretcher Jasmine. Is there anybody you want to call? A parent or something like that? We need to run tests on your throat and stomach to see if the cancer has spread." He said and nodded. " I can call your parents Jasmine. Your mom or dad?" I asked and bite my lip. " I don't care. Just call my dad." she said and swallowed a lump in her throat. She was getting nervous. 

" Were you going with us?" The ambulance man asked. And got her up on the stretcher and locked her to the stretcher. They got a blanket over her and tried to get her comfortable on the stretcher. We got fast in to the ambulance and was on our way to the hospital in the matter of few minutes. " Give me his number. And yes, I'm going with her. Are you okay Jasmine?" i asked. " Do i need to sleep at the hospital? And yes I'm fine." " It depends on the test. Is this your locally hospital, or is your dad paying the bill? Oh and your boyfriend needs to leave after the tests." He said and nodded. I got my phone up from my pocked and made Jasmine call Brian. I got the phone again when he was on the phone and ready to get to know what just happened, since jasmine didn't want to talk with him. " Hey Brian. Its Justin. Jasmines friend. Jasmine threw blood up and I'm on my way to the hospital with her. You can meet us up on the beverly hospital if you need to. I'll call you back then." I got the phone down in my pocket again and sighed. "He's coming if you need to stay over night, else he won't go to the hospital." I said and nodded. " My dad will pay. The hospital knows me. Im not staying overnight without Justin." she said and bite her lip.

" Only family is allowed to stay over night with you Jasmine. Unless you are married or are siblings?" He said and nodded. " I'll make your dad come then, and be there for you. Then i'll come over tomorrow. You ambulance man? Cant you just shut up. Don't you have a bitch to fuck at home or why do you feel the fucking need to ruin this for me and Jasmine?" I said and shoke my head. " We are dating. We almost just got engaged. We are in family. I don't want my dad to visit me. He has work tomorrow, he would love if Justin stayed instead of him." She said. " It isn't good enough Jasmine. Then you'll have to be alone tonight. Lets see what the test says, maybe you won't need to stay." He said. " Its fine. Shut up now. Lets hope you're not gonna stay then." I said and looked at her. 

Jasmine bit her lip and looked really sad out of all sudden. She squeezed my hands and then she leaned over the bed to throw more blood up. " Danm Jasmine.. We are here now." I said and nodded. The ambulance man got up from his seat and opened the doors and pushed me out of the ambulance. He got Jasmine out of the ambulance and rolled her inside of the hospital and looked at the other doctors who came to pick her up. " She has leukaemia, she has been throwing up twice, a lot of blood and a little blood from her nose as well." He said and nodded to the doctors. 

" Justin needs to come with me." She begged and looked at the doctors. 

A Doctor came to take care of Jasmine, and rolled her into a room. the walls were white, and then there were some wardrobe in a redish brown colour. There was a big couch in front of the big window with white curtains. The room was small and had space enough for the bed only. " Jasmine how long have you had cancer?  I have to ask you some questions before we can get started. I won't give you drops if you don't need it, so we will wait with the needles." " I didn't like that ambulance man.. Doesn't he get paid well?" I asked.

" Since i was 13. I wanna go home." Jasmine said and bite her lip. " Since you were 13. That was many years. how many times have you been throwing up this week?" He asked and bite his lip. " Since you were 13? How long can cancer be in a body?" I asked when i got more calm, now that i knew she were in great hands. I sat down on the couch right next to the bed, in front of the big window. " I can't get rid of it. I haven't thrown up since sunday, but we didn't do anything about it."She said and looked at me. " Have you remembered your medication? I can see here on the papers, that you have tot ale 14 pills per day? Did you remember them all or didn't you get your last 7 before you threw up?" The doctor asked and bite his lip. " 14 pills? You threw up last Sunday?" I asked surprised by how much i actually didn't know about her. " I took my 7 this morning, but didn't get my 7 last before i threw up. It all just overwhelmed me." she said and grapped my hand. " Have you been drinking alcohol? An idea would be to take the pills when you are preparing food, and then take your syringes when you go to bed, to hold the attacks down." The doctor said. " Danm Jasmine. You're all pale.." I said and shoke my head. " Its been like this for 5 years. Why change now? I haven't taken any alcohol. I just wanna go home." " Have you been feeling sick lately? Keep away from the alcohol. It will just make it all worse. Is your boyfriend all right? He's just as pale as you." The doctor said and laughed. " And we were going to a party later? Im not feeling too well.. It was a lot of information to get thrown in the head." I said and licked my lips. " No i haven't felt sick lately. Ive been a lot in bed. My parents is afraid its getting worse." " Okay. That was all the questions. Blood test or the other test first? You should have tried them all before, so its just to pick which one you want as the first." The doctor said and smiled at her. " What the fuck is that?" i said and pointed at the instrument on the table that we was gonna run a test with. " What the hell is this? Why haven't you told me anything about this Jasmine?" I asked and smiled at her. " I really wanna kiss you right now, but i don't want you to have blood on your lips. Lets take the worst one first. I'll tell you anything you wanna know later Justin." " Well you have to wait with the kiss until you have bruised your teeth. What is that? Where is that going?" I asked when the doctor got the instrument and walked over to Jasmine. " Open your mouth Jasmine." The doctor said and smiled, with the instrument in his hands. " Its going down my throat." Jasmine said and licked her lips.

" If you choke her, i will kill you." I warned him. The doctor pulled the big white instrument down her throat and looked at a screen that showed the inside of her throat. " Theres no wound in your throat. Then its not that. The blood test or the other one?" The doctor asked and smiled. He got the instrument out of her throat and laid it back on the table next to him. " Just the blood test. Are you okay Justin? You can just go outside and wait if you wanna." " I'm fine. Blood test aint that bad. I've got some of them before. Im more comfortable about them. Are you okay?" I asked and laughed. He ran the blood test easy and fast. " The last one is like when you're pregnant and you need to check the sex of the baby. It isn't gonna hurt, but its gonna show us if your stomach is okay, or if its damaged." He said and nodded. 

" I'm fine. Are we down now? Can i go home?" " You're not fine Jasmine. "Why haven't you told me about you throwing up? Is it getting worse?" I asked. " We are almost done." The doctor said and pulled Jasmines shirt up. He laid gel on her belly and started rubbing her with another instrument. I had seen this in movies before. It wasn't scary. Lucky. " It looks fine Jasmine. You can go home." He said and nodded. " I have been throwing up for years Justin. Its not something i think about. Can i go home now?" She asked and laid all of her attention on the doctor, cause this was something she really wanted to know. " i didn't know! I thought you were dying! If it isn't that bad, then can't we go home?" I asked and looked at Jasmine. " Yeah, you can go home, but you should relax and think about what you eat. Keep yourself from cant, but drink lots of water and milk." He said and smiled at us. " Yes. Thanks for the help. Shall we call a cap?" She asked and smiled at me. " How are you? Can you walk or should i carry you home?" I asked. She got out of bed and grapped her by her hips and pulled her closer to me. " I can walk. Come, lets find a cap." " Okay. Lets go then. Do you wanna go home to yourself without me? Listen i don't trust you right now, i need to carry you." I said and laughed, and pulled her up in my arms, as we just got married and i was carrying her inside our new house. " I wanna go to your place." She said. 

" i think your dad would be happy to have you at home again. I can go with you and sleep at your house?" I asked and laughed. " I don't wanna go home. I wanna be at your house, with nobody else but you. Cant we just go home to you?" She asked and bite her lip. " Fine, we'll go to my place. Please call your dad and update him when we get home Jasmine." I said and bite my lip. " i will. Thanks." " Don't thank me." I said and walked out of the hospital room with her in my arms. I carried her down the hallway and out of the hospital. We walked towards an cap and the driver came out to help us, and he opened the door for us, and i got Jasmine inside of the car. I closed the door behind her and went inside the car from the other side. 

" Are you okay Jasmine? Are you sure you don't wanna go home?" " Im just tired. It took all of my energy. Im fine." She said and laughed. " Okay. I'll go home and make you comfortable and then i'll clean up the kitchen, and the food that got burnt. You're not getting worse?" I asked and coughed. " i don't know Justin. Ive been sick for 5 years. I cant keep on living this way. It will end, one way or another." She said and bite her lip. " Don't say that. You will get well and then you will get out of it, and that your story. i just know it." I said and bite my lip. " I warned you Justin. This is why. I don't wanna disappoint you. The chances for me is so small." She said and bite her lip. " But I'm also warning you, that if you give up, i will haunt your ghost and make sure you regret giving up on life. The chances are big. They could be smaller. Be positive." I said. " I'm trying to realistic. I don't want you to get your hopes up. Im not giving up. Im just getting tired you know.." " Stop being realistic. Be positive. Don't give up. Im serious." I said and tried to relax a little bit more. " Im trying Justin." she said and closed her eyes.

We arrived to my house and paid the driver a lot more than he deserved for driving so slow. " Lets get you into bed." I said and carried her up to my front door. My house were extremely big, but I've earned all the dollars myself to get the house, and i loved it. before the front door there was a tree, and i would say my surroundings were green and naturally. My house were white, and the rood was lightly red. We got inside my house and locked the door behind us." Are you mad at me? I didn't want to make you sad or mad." she said and relaxed in my arms. " I'm not mad. I just want you in bed where i know you are save." I said. " Wont you find something i can sleep in? Ive got something in my bag." She said and licked her lips. " Wheres your bag? In the bedroom or here downstairs?" I asked and licked my lips. " Its upstairs. I have a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I think.." she said and licked her lips. " No knee socks? Im  just kidding." I said and licked my lips. " I think i got a pair with me as well. Im sorry for everything." " Don't take the socks on, or else i cant keep myself from you. Lets see what i can find in your bag." I said as we walked into the bedroom, and i laid her on the bed. I trapped her bah and opened it, and pulled a T-shirt out. " I have to brush my teeth, or else you won't kiss me." she said. " i'll clean my kitchen then. Theres some blood on my floor you know. Take your time with brushing them!" I said and nodded to her. " I'm sorry Justin. I will help you, just give a minute." " You stay up here and get ready for bed. I'll hurry." I said and got up from the bed. I walked out of the room and down the hallway. It smelled like burnt food from here. This was serious a pain in the ass. 

When i had cleaned my floor and thrown the burnt food out i got into my bedroom again. " you look good." I said and smiled at her. " Im sorry Justin. For everything that happened tonight. You weren't supposed to clean it up by yourself." " don't say sorry. I just have to think everything through." I said and laid down in the bed. I took some of the blanket over me and clapped on the spot right next to me, where she was supposed to lie, and cuddle with me, which i needed so badly right now. " But I'm sorry." She said.

" don't be. I need you, and i need you to fight. I cant loose you. I only got you." " Im doing my best. This is why i didn't wanted you to get too attached to me." " Its too late now. It was too late when you told me. You're staying here, and don't you dare give up." I sand and kissed her forehead as she laid down next to me. " Im sorry i didn't tell you from the start. You could've kept your distance." She said and laid her hand on my cheek. " but for now, i will do the best i can to help you." I said and nodded. " i appreciate it. I just wish you didn't have to see me like this." she said. " i wanna be here through everything. You cant keep me away. Do you wanna know a thing? Do you remember the first time we went out to eat together?" " When we talked about me and Shauns relationship or?" she asked. " No where you and i could have sex. I mentioned the kitchen and it was about to happen today, but then you almost threw up on me." I said and laughed. " Oh that.. I really craved it. Maybe another time.. Soon." she said. 

" If you won't throw up on me, it can happen. You just have to get better, and thats now. You are okay now right?" i asked and smiled at her. " Im fine yes." She said and kissed me gently. " Do you know what i need right now?" I asked and grapped her hips and rolled around on my back, and pulled her upon me so we laid with belly towards belly. " This. To lay like this with you. Do you wanna go home tomorrow then?" " Cant i sleep like this? I wanna stay here. I don't wanna go home." " If you wanna stay you are very welcome to do that. Is there something wrong at home since you don't wanna go there?" I asked and closed my eyes. " Its just my parents. They are really protective, and the mood at home.. Its the same as it was a few months ago. But i don't wanna talk about it. Lets sleep." " Tell me about it Jasmine. I don't wanna sleep yet. I thought you were dying an hour ago, talk to me." i said and licked my lips. " They are like you Justin. They are afraid to lose me. They have been like this since i was 13. its killing them, the are scared. and when I'm gone I'm afraid of what gonna happen to them." " Aren't you happy that there is so many people that cares about you? And is afraid to lose you? Don't you feel loved? When you're gone they are too, youre not dying yet." I said and swallowed a lump in my throat. I didn't like this conversation. " Cant we sleep Justin? I don't wanna talk about this." she said and licked her lips. " Jasmine please. You cant sleep yet." I begged and bite my lip. " Why don't you wanna sleep? Aren't you tired?" " I'm not tired yet. I wanna talk with you before i sleep. I need it." i said and bite my lip. " Then talk Justin. Keep my awake." She said and smiled.

" what about you tell me about your life before you got sick? Hobbies and stuff like that." i said and looked at her with a smile. " I cant hardly remember it. When i was 12 i went to singing lessons. " So you can sing? Can i hear one day?" I asked. " Just because i went to singing lessons, doesn't mean that i can sing." she said and laughed. 

" Cant i hear it Please? Why did you stop singing?" i asked. " i don't wanna sing. its 5 years ago now. I didnt have the time." she said and coughed. " Douche. Did you wanna sleep or?" I asked and looked at her. " Yes. Lets sleep.. Cause I'm a douche." she said and swallowed a lump in her throat.


That night i didn't really sleep. I was afraid she was gonna die right there on top of me in her sleep. I was really afraid to lose her, and i would do anything in my power to save her. I felt her heartbeat next to mine all night and it was relaxing. I fell asleep around 6AM.. And i didn't regret keeping myself awake that night, cause she was so beautiful when she slept. 


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