Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


2. Forever 21.

 - ​Since I've met you, you've got me thinking, about how you look like at 4 AM.-

POV. Jasmine.


It was Monday, you know the day everybody hates? And i sure do too. They say when you get sick, you appreciate all the simply things in life, but Mondays will never be one, but i tried to make the best of the day. It was my last day on work, cause the doctors had told me i should rest more than i already do, so i don't really know what my days are gonna be spent on doing anymore. 

I handed the costumer her bag and smiled at her with a cheesy smile. It wasn't that many people in the store today, so i took some time to clean up in this big messy clothing store. Maybe thats why they call it Forever twenty-one, because it is as messy as a girl at twenty-one? I don't know. And i will never know. I will never turn twenty-one, but i was gotten used to the thought now, so it didn't even make me sad anymore, to think about it. I picked up some clothes from the floor, that the costumers were too lazy to put back on their hangers. 

I felt a hand on my back and turn around to see who searched my attention. And there they were. Those big brown caramel eyes from the weekend, from the bar. Justin. That was his name. " Hey Jasmine.. Well that was your name, right? Or am i completely wrong?" He said while laughing. " Yes, its Jasmine. And you're Justin. We never got to text, huh? How are you?" I said as i put everything i had in my hands on the shelf next to me. He pulled his big arms around me and pulled me in to his body, and oh that scent, i swear I've never met anyone as perfect as this dude. " Yes i know, i was busy. Im sorry." He said while laughing in my hair. I gently wrapped my arms around him and pulled myself closer to him. " Don't worry. I had to work on Saturday, i was pretty busy myself. What are you doing in forever 21?" He held me for a few seconds more, then he let go of me. " My moms birthday is soon, so i just went to buy some earrings. Do you work here?" He said and showed me the earrings he had picked out for his mom. They were simple and cheap. Kinda cute. " Congratulations to your mom. Yes I'm working here, i kinda own the store as you can tell." i said while i looked around the store. " Well, thanks. But i think i have to buy some more expensive earrings, of real gold. She deserved that. But eh, do you have time to drink a cup of coffee after work?" He said and looked around in the store. " Well i can leave at five o'clock. So i guess thats now." I said and laughed. " Cool, lets get the coffee. Go get your stuff. " He said. " But then we have to find something to eat also. Wait here. i'll be right back." I said and went to the room at the back of the store to get my bag. I quickly grabbed my bag from a chair in the room and went as fast as i could back to Justin. I was way too excited to eat with him. " Do you like Chicken? Cause i am craving Nandos right in this moment." He said when i got back to him. " That sounds great." i responded as we walked out of the store. 

When we had ordered our food we had this great conversation about my work, which was boring as hell. I mean, who talks about job when you're on a date? Well.. if it were a date. It isn't, cause i have a boyfriend, so you know what i mean. " I mean I'm only 17, i think i get payed well." I said and smiled at him. "17, not even legal yet. Im paying for your food, so don't worry about that. Tell me more about yourself Jasmine. " He demanded. A little bit dominating. " I don't know what you want me to tell you?" 

" Maybe how about you tell me, why you don't got a boyfriend? Did you get home the other night? Were you completely sick the next day? He said and laughed at me. " I actually have a boyfriend.. He's name is Shaun.." I said and tried to get the lump in my throat out of the way. 

" Well.. You didn't tell me that fact last time i saw you. How long have you been together? Is he good for you?" He said and in that moment our food had arrived to our table. Justin started eating his chicken with fries, while i had lost my appetite, by thinking about Shaun. " I wanted to talk to you, and i was scared you would leave if i told you. But we have been together for 7 months now, and he's okay, but a little boring, you know.. But thats how it is sometimes." I said with a little smile on my lips. " I wouldn't leave. You were too pretty to let go of. But boring? Explain further please?" He said while his smile became more charming, than it was before. Like he wanted to jump into my mind and kick Shaun out. " He's just boring you know. He never parties, or drinks, or does something random. Its always planned out. That kinda boring. You just get tired of it along the way." " Does he make you feel special? Like you know.. The butterfly feeling? Why did you even get together at first?" He said while laughing a bit. " I had the butterflies at first, which answers your second questions. But here lately, I've just lost the feelings for him." I said and laughed a bit for the conversation not getting too serious. " Are you having great sex? Like is he good in bed?" He said and laughed. " Its okay. Our sex is okay. We just do the same thing all the time, its boring. " i said and looked a bit confused. " i personally thinks that its okay in the start, to hold it simple in the bed, just him laying on top of you, and fingering you, and you know, just get to learn what you want from each other. But then from there you can move it from the bedroom to the bathroom. I personally thinks it is very very hot to do it in the shower. But from there on, there is just so many options. The kitchen. The tables." He said and looked at me with fire in his eyes. He was turnt on by the thought of it. " I feel you. But thats not for us. We are staying in bed. Its boring." I said and a smile grew on my lips as i tried to make him tell me more of his fantasies. I was too excited for this. " If i were Shaun, i would've bought your beautiful body some lingerie that would fit you perfectly, and then it depends on where in the house we would be, but i would make sure you would walk strange the next day. Have you ever tried to do it in public?" He said and his smile became more dangerous. " That has never passed his thoughts. He's afraid i'll break under him, or he'll hurt me in some kinda way. We are only in the bed." I said while laughing. " That makes me wanna tear of your shirt, and go to the bathroom with you right away, and take you up against the wall, so hard that you can't keep quit." He said and winked at me, which made me so wet. That sentence made everything inside me crave for his fantasies to come true, and i had to be the girl he was trying his fantasies out on. " That would be.. No i have a boyfriend Justin. We shouldn't be talking about this." He took my hand across the table and softly and shortly kissed it. " It would be perfect right now huh? I have boner on.. Its tempting not to just get you out on the bathroom and do business with you right now." He said and laughed.

" I have a boyfriend." I said and looked down at the table. Well this was annoying. I wanted him so bad, but Shaun haunted my thoughts and made me feel bad about it. " Bad excuse. Many couple has affairs, to spice their relationship up a bit. Im just saying I'm here to pleasure you, if you need it. Only you." He said. " I don't want an affair. But i wanna get to know you better. Be your friend." i said and tried to cath my breath upon the rejecting i had just giving the hottest boy on earth. " I like that thought, we should totally hang again. I will actually text you this time, i promise." He said. " Id like that. Text me tomorrow or something like that." 

And that was the beginning on the dangerous friendship i was making with the hot boy from the bar i had met with Jacque last weekend. Id never thought id see him again. But I'm sure i can't let go of him now. Im not gonna let go of him again. He's too smoking to let him pass on to another girl. 


- I hope you liked this one. A little bit dirty, haha. A friend in school told me it needed a little spice, so i gave it to the story. Hope its not too much. (:

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