In Love


1. In Love With Percy Jackson

It was about 2:30 A.M in Long Island, New York. And Annabeth Chase couldn't sleep. Terrifying images of Percy being taken flashed through her mind. She just had to make sure he was safe and sound in his cabin. She slipped out of her bed and carefully avoided the creaky spots on the floor. She made her way outside and quietly ran to Percy's cabin. Cold air whipped at her cheeks, biting her skin. Prickly pine needles stuck to the bottom of her bare feet.

Annabeth opened the Poseidon cabin door and stepped in , shutting the door behind her. Her eyes flickered to sleeping Percy. Drool was spilling onto his pillow and his hair was sticking up everywhere. His gorgeous eyes were closed and his soft snoring rang through Annabeth's ears. She smiled to herself, remembering the first time she saw him. She noticed that he was only wearing a pair of Annabeth's red boxers.

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