The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


2. Going Home

Emma's POV

I'm a Hutcherson? That can't be possible!

"Emma, my baby!" Mom exclaims. She walks towards me and I run into her arms.

"Mommy!" I cry, holding on to her tight. She is also crying. Next I hug dad, then Josh--Connor isn't here. Hailey is still shell-shocked behind me. I whisper in Josh's ear. "She's a big fan, could you possibly give her a hug?"

He smiles and hugs her tight. She almost screams, and her smile is so bright.

"Are you ready to go Emma?" Mom asks. I nod. We get my two bags and load them in the truck. I hug Mrs. Lancaster, and also Hailey, surprisingly.

I wave goodbye one last time, and then get into the truck.

"We have missed you so much Emma! We hate that it took us this long to find you." Mom says from the shotgun seat.

"I'm just glad you found me," I say.

"Connor was really sad he couldn't come with us. His championship game is today and he had to stay and get ready. We had to make him stay. We know how much soccer means to him." She tells me. I nod.

"Now you get some rest, it's gonna be a long ride," Josh says. He lets me lay my head in his lap and I am fast asleep.

When I wake up we are ten minutes from the house is what they tell me. "So Connor is fifteen, and Josh is seventeen. This is Josh's last year in school, and then he's gonna go fully live in California."

"So where will I be going to school?" I ask.

"You're going into seventh grade aren't you?" I say yes. "Well you'll be going to New Haven Elementary. When you get into high school, you'll be with Connor. I think he'll be a senior by then." Mom tells me. I nod.

"Will we be able to see any of Connor's game?" I ask.

"No, it should have ended about thirty minutes ago. But he'll probably retell the whole game, every detail...." Mom says, rolling her eyes.

"Knowing him, his girlfriend is probably over." Josh says, laughing.

"She's a nice girl, and your brother is happy." Dad says. Hmm.

"I was happy with Landon," He argues.

"She was the most annoying girl I've ever met! She wouldn't stop talking about herself, ever. You should have stayed with Shannon." Mom says. Josh rolls his eyes.

"Leave the boy alone," Dad says, laughing.

"Hey look, we're home!" Mom interrupts.

"And there is Connor and Danielle, and they are both still in their uniforms, they probably won." Josh comments.

Yep my brother is in a soccer uniform, a white long sleeve shirt with black shorts and white knee high socks. Next to him on the porch swing is a beautiful girl with long brown hair in a ponytail. She wears an orange sleeveless cheerleading uniform with Ryle written in white, with an orange and white short skirt.

"He's dating a cheerleader?" I ask. Aren't they all idiots. And isn't he suppose to be really smart.

"She's also on the academic team, speech and debate team, and the softball team. Also, both of them are top two in their class, tied." Josh informs me. A smart cheerleader. Nice.

"We'll get yours bags, you just go say hi to your brother." I nod and get out of the truck.

Connor looks up when I shut the door. Danielle looks confused. "Emma!" Connor gets up and hugs me. "Danielle, this is my sister Emma. Emma, this is my girlfriend Danielle." He introduces us.

"Oh, you finally found her! It's so nice to see you again! I used to love to dress you up." Danielle says. And also hugs me. She seems nice. And she's been friends with Connor since then?! Wow.

"How'd the game go?" Josh asks.

"Oh ya know, nothing too major. Just scored the winning goal and brought my team to victory. Not a big deal," Connor says, trying to act nonchalantly. Josh laughs and hugs him, messing with his hair.

"That's my bro. And Danielle, beautiful as always. Why you dating my brother again?" Josh ask. Danielle laughs and shakes her head. "Ya know, you two should stick to be friends." He adds.

"And why is that?" Danielle asks.

"Because I'm used to you coming over for sleepovers, us building forts in the living room, and camping in the backyard. And now your sleeping with my brother. It's just weird." Josh explains.

"Shut up," Connor hisses.

"Emma, darling, cover your eyes please," Danielle says sweetly. I do so. And I can hear major kissing.

"Okay, that's enough!" Mom shouts. I uncover my eyes.

"Sorry," Connor says, wiping his mouth, smirking.

"Come on, we are going out to eat to celebrate, Danielle honey, you can come if you like," Mom says.

"As long as I'm no bother Mrs. Hutcherson,"

"It's Michelle to you sweetie!" Mom must really like Danielle.

We again get in the truck and head to an Italian place called Buccas. It smells good.

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