Not as easy as it looks

A story about an actor/actress who believes they are the new big thing, and come to realize that they are not. I was told it was a bit weird, but I liked it.


1. Chapter one of one. Its a short story


    This was it. I was on the set, and no one even knew I was there, much less who I was. My lifelong dream was finally on track to becoming a reality, and all I had to do was find the building where I could make my acting debut, and the world will know what true greatness is. I’ll be a star, everyone will know my name, and what great films I had been in. I walked past one of the sets for a spaghetti western, this was not for me, I would be in an everlasting film, one that would be remembered for decades, centuries even. I continued to walk along, as if I was supposed to be here, but it was becoming evidently clear that my acting skills, simply to walk like the rest of the crowd, and seem like I belonged, were not as honed as I thought they were. I was getting progressively deeper and deeper into the the stations TV set, seeing more and more people as I was walking, praying that no one realize that I wasn’t supposed to be here, and that I had snuck into the station. I could feel the eyes on the back of my head, it felt like everyone in the whole world was looking at me, and as much as I may have dreamed about it before, it was nerve wracking when the world simply stared and murmured, asking themselves who I was, and why I was here. I could hear them now, the different actors and set workers, talking to themselves, and calling out to me, asking me if I was lost, and calling for security. I quickly decided that , maybe another day I’ll come back and show the world how great I was, but as soon as I made that decision, I felt someone grab me by the back of my collar, and spun me around so quickly, it was surprising my head wasn't removed from my shoulders.

“What are you doing here? You're not from any of the shows! Who are you?

“I jumped the fence I’m sorry! I was trying to find someone I could talk to about trying out for a part in one of the shows!”

“You’re sure as hell not gonna find one here, sneaking onto the set, its crazy how stupid you people are these days, just going to sneak onto some set, and as soon as the director sees you, he throws everything else aside and asks you, begs you to audition, that you're the greatest actor he’s ever seen? Get out of here, and do something useful with your life.”

This man must be crazy to think that just like that, he can talk to me, and shatter my dreams that just be giving me a 10 second speech, that I’ve suddenly had some great epiphany, and realised how stupid I was? He’ll see, I’m not the way he thinks I am, I’ve worked my entire life for this, and I’ll be back, I’ll find that director who will give me a chance, and I’ll be sure to tell stories about the foolish man who tossed out the greatest actor of his generation.


Perhaps I should have listened to the man who had thrown me out that first day. It’s been months, and I’ve tried getting into the station dozens of times since that time, I’d even lowered my to smaller stations, and even tried out for a pathetic role in a commercial advertising a hair salon, and yet none of these people saw my pure, untapped talent. I was completely out of money. I was living on the streets in this great city, begging people for food, money anything. I told them I would remember them when I was great, give them the best seats in all of my films, and anything they could ask of me. They laughed at me. Told me to get a job, stop focusing on this foolish dream. They didn’t realize I couldn’t, wouldn’t. But I was getting desperate. I was constantly hungry, I couldn’t lower myself to go to a soup kitchen, I had to resort to drastic measures. I had been planning this carefully. I had found a discarded cutting knife, sharp enough to have some potential damage, if necessary. I had seen that store, I knew the slow hours, I saw my opportunity. I walked into the store, my weapon hidden in my grungy clothes, and walked up to the counter. I looked over my shoulder, making sure that no one else was there. I saw the clerk behind the counter. I was at the counter.

“What can I get you today?”

I drew the knife. I saw their eyes grow wide. Perhaps my acting wasn’t so bad after all.

“The money. I want the money.”

“O-Okay just give me a moment, please don’t hurt me.”

I looked over my shoulder again. Someone was about to come in the store. I turned and went for them, to get them to leave.

I felt it before I heard it. The searing pain, high in the middle of my back. Then the deafening noise. My knees buckled, and I dropped the knife, My head hit the dirty tile floor, and then nothing.

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