Chaos Theory Multiple Universe

Somewhere along the timeline something went wrong which coursed the natural line of events to be obscured, now, wraiths, dragons, blood mage's and Alistair the Master of Elements now rule the entire world with the New World Government.

Fearing that her forest could come to harm the Mysterious nature loving Witch Hermit tries to find help in probably the strangest of places.


1. The Forest the Witch and the Dragon

Everything that could be done had been done but it was still not enough. 
Alastair the Master of Elements and his followers held the south with an iron fist. 
The Wraiths Comity were rooted to the north. 
To the east were the Blood mages, the Gothica's. 
And finally the west a new kind of threat that all had though only existed in fairy tails, dragons , which had turned everything to ash. 
Everything was now lost to the new world government, forever a scar on the world with no hope of renewal and no chance of a counter attack. 
The Old world Government, gone, burned to cinders and it's armies sunk to the bottom of the ocean.
The Ministry of Magic was now in the hands of Alistair the Master of Elements.
There was nothing now left to throw at them and any kind of resistance was swiftly extinguished as easily as stumping out a candle flame.         
So with nothing else and no-one left to to stand against them, what was to be done? What can be done? 
Far to the east in the last remaining forest, Razerferndown, there lives a curtain individual who has lived in secret and sectioned herself of from the rest of the world but now that things have gotten to this point has seen that even if she hides in the forest she would not escape the same fate as the rest of the world. 
So she sits cross legged underneath the oldest and tallest oak tree, meditating and gathering all the natural magic that flows through everything. 
The ground.
The air.
The grass. 
The trees.
For two days straight she meditates and gathers magic. 
Her plan?
To find help.
But where to find help in a world were in every direction you walk you are met with nothing but hostility? 
If there was none to be found here then elsewhere she would have to look. 

The Forest girl snapped out her meditation as the beating of heavy wings echoed all around and an almighty roar rang through the air, she jumped to her feet just as a emerald dragon landed with an earth shacking impact.
It raised it's head high into the air flames burst from it's mouth, "Al Grem ninkom! Keskes! Keskes! Keskes!" it bellowed telepathically, lowering it's head to face the girl, who stood as tall as the bottom of it's chin to the top of the dragons snout, embers leaked from in-between it's clenched teeth, "Al Grem Ninkom, human I have found, Keskes! keskes! Burn! Destroy! End! Obliterate! Kill!" the dragon exhaled a black smog and lunged forward butting the girl with it's snout which sent her hurtling backwards into the tree, she fell to her hands and knees. 
Gritting her teeth she brushed her dark crimson hair out of her face and stared down the dragon with her miss matching Emerald green and Ruby irises. 
The dark emerald dragon clawed up the ground like an overexcited dog, it swished it's tail back and two severing the oak trees behind it, "Tsk! Tsk! Ninkon! Tsk! Tsk! Weak! Decrepit!  Human! Feeble! Powerless!" 
The girl raised her right hand high into the air and lowered her left, it was now or never, magic came alive in her hands as a fairy fire that hummed it was so dense and powerful, she the brought her right arm down in a half circle and at the same time brought around her left, a magic crest of natural magic burned it's self into the ground in a huge circumference with her as the centre. 
From the lines the magic blew upwards in screens of light.
The dragon flapped its wings and rose onto it's hind legs in a desperate attempt to fly away or crush her with it's front arms, "Kel Ken Maho! What Magic is this!" 
As fast as a blink the magic crest shrunk to the size of a balled fist and everything inside the circumference was pulled inside, trees, rocks, the girl and the dragon.   

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