A Jump Performanceđź’•

Niall always had something special with him when he performed, but what will happen when it's gone? Will he still perform? Find out and read!!��


1. Clara Rosen

"Wow. What another great performance guys" Niall said with his really attractive voice.the boys were on tour and they always loved meeting their fans.

The boys were on their way to a signing and meet and greet. They were so excited because they knew that without their fans, they would be nowhere!

As they were sitting down they signed and signed and signed papers until they got to one special girl. Her name was Clara.

"Hello my love" Liam said not realizing why Clara was so special.

"Hi" she said in the sweetest and saddest voice they boys had ever heard.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Well. I just got back from the hospital. They still haven't found a cure for my cancer. They don't know what to do now" she said as she began to tear up.

"Oh honey. I am so sorry. Just know that things WILL get better" Zane said promising.

"Is their anything else you would like from us?" Louis asked as if he was willing to give her anything.

"No thank you. Just the autograph." She said

Clara started to walk away after she got a picture that the boys insisted to get. She was dragging her oxygen cart by her side.Niall couldn't take his eyes of her.

That also made him the only one who noticed that something got caught by her tank and flew across the room.

"Boys, I'll be right back" Niall said staring at the unknown object. Niall was dreading through the crowd before anyone saw what it was. He wanted to be the first one to see it.

As her arrived at the object, he found out what it was. It was a bracelet that said

"God loves you. Things will get better. I promise"

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