Confessions of the Greys...

Meet Jacob and Chelsea Grey. Both siblings. They are in middle school trying to survive the worst years of their lives. Chelsea is in her sixth year whereas Jacob...has all the torture to come. Can they both finish with their lives in perfect ship-shape? Find out in


1. Chapter 1. Chelsea

Hey, it's me. Chelsea Grey. Quite a dull last name, huh? Anyway, it's finally my last year at middle school. We have tests to do and at the moment, I'm meant to be studying. Well, playing on my phone on Facebook trying to distract myself in anyway possible but persuading everyone I am studying just because I've got a textbook beside me, actually...Every time I hear a knock at the door, I chuck my phone safely on my bed and open a page and copy everything down. That's actually what I do in class quite a lot. Last year? Big mistake. My jealous brother, Jacob came to my parents evening with me and mum. basically the teacher said I needed to focus and try not to just copy my book.  But of course my mum grounded me, my brother hacked into my phone, and teased me. Yeah, that about sums up my family. My brother is crazy and constantly trying to pull pranks on everyone and according to his lame geek friends, the class clown. I don't see my mum that much. But when she is around, she never really is. She is a lawyer and always traveling or at the bank. My dad died when I was a baby leaving my mum in an awful state. My older sister had to play 'mum' for a while whilst my mum was working and trying to grieve. An me? Well, I don't know if you have seen me around or not but I have brown/blonde hair, and brown eyes. People describe me as popular and funny, sweet and super insecure. That's me. Insecure Chelsea. 

"Chelsea! The bus is here!"a loud voice called to me.

I grabbed my bag and did a last minute make up apply.  

"Bye!"I yelled at my sister. She waved but not paying too much attention. She was trying to study and babysit at the same time. Word of advice: don't. I've seen her struggle many times before. Didn't look easy. I always end up taking full charge of the babies and she locks herself in her room. 

"Jacob!"I shouted. 

"I'm here."he said tapping me on the shoulder. He shoved me out he door stamping on my toes and walked into the yellow bus. 

"Bus passed please."said Maggie. An elderly sweet lady who could quite easily loose her roaring temper when provoked. I dug my hand into my pocket and she flashed a smile at my brother. I walked over to a three seater next to a few friends. 

'What did he do?'I asked myself. I took out my bus pass again and glared at the black marker all over my face in my photo. It was a shame really. That photo was one of my best.

My friends instantly burst into fits of laughter.

I will kill this boy. And he will most defiantly not be early for period one either...



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