Finding Purpose

My life in a crazy, nonsensible, heartbreak-filled, love craving, teenage nutshell.


1. Purpose for the Soul

Love isn't exactly something you can see, its something you feel. We show our love for others through gifts and gestures. Love is affectionate and passionate, love is beautiful and cannot be bought or sold. Love is one of the few things left on earth that is innocent and pure. Love is what most of the emotionless zombies walking around in the world wish to have. When loving somebody you are fueled to get up in the mornings, you are awake and alive for that person.

Unlucky for me, I'm very lost. I'm drifting in and out of consciousness, and I'm trying to find my purpose. There is one person in particular, that makes the small barely lit flame inside me grow with emotion, passion, and fear. His name is one I cannot tell, but lets just call him C. I'm K, I'm a broken miserable teenager who feels as if the world is against her. I'm scared of falling, mostly because of my past, the dark paths of dangerous, scandalous affairs that I have been down. I'm worried about C figuring out that I'm not what the eye can see, I don't want to be a bother, I care about him. I want him. I crave him. And I need him.

If your looking for some happy go lucky story with a princess and her prince then go read a Nicholas Sparks book. I'm no princess, although he could definitely be my prince charming. But, that is not my life or story. I'm a reckless young lady with a craving for trouble and a passion for breaking the rules. Your gonna hear my story exactly how I want it to be heard. And if you can't handle the worst in people, I suggest you stop reading now before you enter the darkest abyss you could possibly be pulled into.

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